Re-Freezing Artic ! Viable or Not ?

A news in trend : Re-freezing artic ! Is it Viable option ? In this article I present my views on this topic.

The motive is very good, the intentions are very nice. Re-freezing artic is the best way to deal with many climate change issues. How can it be re-freezed ? Naturally or Artificially ? But don’t we like to get a little more deeper in this issue.

Question: How did is all started ?

My Answer: It didn’t happened in a day. It was a gradual process. So slow that we now can see the real effect

Hence, can we model it mathematically ? The gradual process of ice melting in Artic? Yes–if we have the data!

In the same way —Re-freezing artic -the home to these sweet animals is what we all want!

But, now the question comes.

Question: How to re-freeze it ?

My Answer: Can we wait for some natural process– The way gradual process made visible changes now. So can we start measuring the current parameters to see the minute changes in artic ice ? Is it going in reverse direction or towards more melting ? All these need to be measured with the climate change measure taken. What was the gradual measurement of reversal in ice-melting to ice-freezing process. Measure in terms of quality of ice, water to ice ratio, water levels, percentage of ice and so on as suggested by experts in the field.

All this to say, the reversal wont be immediate too. Yes if we employ ice freezer, it may be faster, but at the what cost ? Freezing with refrigerating machines? This may hamper other parts of environments which are healing such as Ozone Layer. So pros and cons can be analyzed. What is more urgent ? And mathematical calculations and predictions to be made before implementing any method.

Question: Is there a cheaper and better way to re-freeze artic ?

My Answer: This require answering the following by experts. How can the average temperature of the planet be maintained ? The following are key points:

  1. If average temperature is maintained well, how can it impact natural re-freezing of Artic. This would be gradual process season after season. How many season can we wait ? Find using prediction-models.

2. Hence this is not a artic region issue alone. If the temperature on Earth is high, we can mathematically find out how it effects heating up of Artic.

3. How to regulate temperature on planet in more cost effective and in a joint-collobrative manner ? This can be using the rising water levels in seas to reach the scanty places. As explained in my previous articles on forest fires, droughts. These all natural processes are inter related.

Atmosphere and Earth system processes are all inter-related.

Hence, find measures to manage local problems, which will help in solving global problems, especially using air/water ratio, as water has cooling effect on hot air.

But are these issues enough ?

No–one need to remove excess waste gases from atmosphere too. How else can more heat remain on planet ? And the reversal processes may take time.

Conclusions: Mathematical formulations and models are needed to capture in which direction artic ice melting or re-freezing (natural or artificial) is going in. What shall be effect of which technique used to re-freeze- Natural or Artificial or Man-made. May be combinations! All need to be mathematically computed using prediction-models. More in next article.

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8 thoughts on “Re-Freezing Artic ! Viable or Not ?

  1. My research and reading tells me we have been in an intergalactic age but according ti nature should be entering another little ice age. However, because of the industrial revolution and overuse of fossil fuels man has caused greenhouse gases to build up so the earth is hearing up. The solution is to drastically reduce the use of fossil fuels to the amount we were using prior to 1800. That will not be an easy thing to do but is necessary for our survival

  2. Hi Ernest Harben, intergalactic age, may be I would have to read more about it – or you can share your research on it ! What I understand is computational models need to be build to know in which direction is the rate of change in ice melting or getting back is going on. Your suggestions are very well right, to reduce the greenhouse gasses. But we need measurements for that to see is it going in re-freeing direction or going in more melting state. For that computational models need to be build to measure the “rate of change”, which can be written as a differential equation. All that will help in knowing, what is the effect. So that if in future if the rate of change is negative or as you said even to detect ice age arrival, same model can be used. How we can measure rate of change is another question. Also, other effects is maintaining local weather equilibrium using basic physics of low and high pressures. Thank You for your suggestion, I shall read on the intergalactic little more when I get time. Regards

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