How media can change the way people think of leaders ? – Part 1

Here are some of my analysis how media can effect the way people can think of their leader, take decisions and form opinion.

Yesterday only– I give you here an example from yesterday —

On an international channel– a news reader– was asking an Afghan man about things——-

Then she on her own said——–Afghanistan was having some internal wars—It is good Taliban takeover stopped this.

Well— I would rather say——-

Don’t try to change my opinions on a subject–Media—–

People should know facts——-

That is —ok Afghanistan was having internal war–

Full Stop——-

Let people take my own decision in deciding whether it is better now or before. Why do anyone make decision it is good with Taliban or before Taliban—based on your personal views ? Are you a leader ? Are you elected by people ? That people need to think in your views? No— We want pure facts—Do not mix your conclusions in it. We want to hear opinions of leaders not you~ From you we need facts as they are—from both sides—positive and negative—-

Not just negative facts — as mostly these days media is filled with fault finding missions

Based on facts one watch–let people make their own decision

Don’t put your views in brains of normal people..dear news readers..unless you are a leader accepted by people.

This is biaseness.

More in coming article…..

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