The whole world knew New York would get Severe Flash Flooding, Why No Guidelines imposed by NY ?

Sorry guys I had to write this.

I do dive in issues that pains even me ! Women politicians are not asked as many questions by media as much are asked by male ones. Hence I am now in shoes of a media person for this issue. NY ONE OF THE MOST DEVELOPED PLACE ON EARTH! NY had the most time to prepare — as it was on the end of the path covered by IDA hurricane. Still so unprepared NY was ? And IDA impact while world was watching since so many days—-Was it a surprise ? Didn’t IDA gave you enough time to plan and think?

Sitting seven seas across– I saw the news. — The intensity of flooding was well declared.

The whole world knew Katerina Hurricane level hurricane of almost category 5 is reaching East Coast. And New York was shown well in the pictures to receive excessive flash flooding.

I am asking——- as if there was a Male leader who would had been on seat–he would had been held responsible—and even asked to give all reasons.

Instead it was said– we are doing all we can after all loss has been made. And preparing for future— 16 years after Katerina—Came IDA! The next such may came again in 16 years ahead—Nice way to pass the buck !

The new gov of NY is saying it was shock———the metrology department told whole world what Katerina was——–It was told severe unprecedented flash flooding shall come in NY———Were thy not seeing in past days what was happening on East Coast by IDA ? Unprecedented things on in Louisiana it was. Still they saying it was shock——shock is something surprising ! This was all told by normal weather department people to the whole world.

What about the lives lost ? Why curfew was not imposed ?

Why guidelines not to go to basements not given ?

Why emergency not declared at time when weather department declared IDA is moving to NY ?

Why stay at home orders not passes in New York as were passed in other parts of USA ?

Even developing countries like so many — impose curfews, take off people from places that can be effected. Declare to stop railways–even developing countries do it— NY is in a developed country!

While Cummo declared strict guidelines when Hurican Elsa came–which turned to Strom.

Why new Gov. did learned from what happened just weeks back in Strom Elsa.

Why underground and other railways and busses not stopped?

Why cars were allowed to go out on roads in flash flooding? To be drowned ? To cause loss to personal holdings and injuries to people ?

When other states were showing guidelines why—?

A junior member counts and gives such facts to senior–

So in any way——it was not Cuomo fault

Why after seeing Elsa in NY– underground rails were not sealed, why ???? doors were not sealed—TO cause harm to public property? Why Elsa didn’t taught NY new admin anything ? Was new admin of NY new to NY ? Was new admin not in NY when Elsa came recently ?

The deaths that could had been prevented—Had you seen the weather forcast well—–the fear and pains that could had been avoided—-in NY ONE OF THE MOST DEVELOPED PLACE ON EARTH!

The pains——-and fears of ppl–stranded in flash flooding’s——-was too much! And was AVOIDABLE!

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