Taliban and China relationships while NATO were ignored

Key points:

  1. Taliban leader met Chinese leaders long before things were materialized. [28th July 2021.https://www.jkchrome.com/taliban-leader-visits-china-for-talks-with-foreign-minister-wang-yi/ ]
  2. Chinese embassy and Chinese citizens and alias were not at all afraid of Taliban since very beginning. As no one asked for help while NATO and other foreign forces citizens and alias were in fear and panic.
  3. China have suggested to invest in Taliban led Afghanistan–was this preplanned? As Embassy was retained ?
  4. Taliban says it will work for betterment of all people but what about Chinese alleged abuse of some people as in news about Uyghurs. As per following link says– more than one million Uyghurs are kept against their will. [https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-china-22278037#:~:text=There%20are%20about%2012%20million%20Uighurs%2C%20mostly%20Muslim%2C,culturally%20and%20ethnically%20close%20to%20Central%20Asian%20nations.]
  5. Did Taliban provided assurance that Chinese alias and citizens wont be targeted while western forces alias, and citizens were scared and hunted by Taliban–As per news ?
  6. Why Taliban didn’t met NATO alias when it went to meet China foreign ministry on 28th July 2021 ?
  7. Taliban could have talked to NATO alias as well for peaceful evacuations of NATO alias.
  8. Or Taliban as they seem to have secured Chinese citizens and alias in Afghanistan –as it seems—could have ensured NATO alias to be safe in Afghanistan. There wont had been any chaos then both among the NATO governments and among the people
  9. How old is Taliban – China relations?
  10. Taliban is celebrating freedom from foreign forces and then what would China occupation in Taliban be like ?

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