Fictional Story of Sebow, a beautiful, intelligent Girl, no boy dared to propose in the Stone Age

#short_fictional_story—This is a short fictional story of a beautiful girl who was exceptionally intelligent and attractive. This is a completely fictional story and is not related to any person living or expired. This is story framed in stone age and is around minimum 5000 year old story. Here education was given in big halls under blue skies where rock mountains were used as board and marble as chalks.

Once upon a time there was a beautiful girl named Sebow. Sebow was born on a silver leaf in pond when it was raining heavily. She was humble, gentle and exceptionally intelligent. No this is not story of Cinderella, as Sebow haven’t got her Prince Charming yet.

Sebow was humble girl growing up to become a women. Girls around her were jealous of her, ignored her, mocked her, laughed at her to make her feel down. Boys never stopped glaring at her, but no one dared to propose her- as she was too good and intelligent.

In this stone age, people lived in very small clusters which shall be referred here as villages. She lived in place called Mrkdag. She didn’t ever went out of Mrkdag. And people in the village where she completed her studies, Mrkdag, never wanted a girl of her caliber as a bride. Actually, may be kind of its too old a civilization. There was no television at that time, only projectors made from from falling waters.

Girls spread rumors’ of her, being arrogant while boys called her over hardworking, ambitious, as the reason for not choosing her as bride. She even asked her female friends I want a boyfriend, I want to marry and settle. No one introduced her to any capable boy, despite boys all around her in high numbers.

This is story of stone age, very few girls were allowed there in the scarcely few schools available. Open theatre lecturing systems under blue skies of stone age had majority students as boys, girls were rare. And how beauty and intelligence might have shined in the school ? And girls and boys used to wear same dresses in stone age, loose pants and vests- weird!

What an irony, a single, beautiful girl in a male dominated place, still no-one approached her. She herself talked to so many boys in her class, but no one expressed interests to have relation with her leave aside marrying her. Neither any boy also introduced her to a possible candidate to be her boyfriend.

Females around her started settling with men high in professions leaving her aside and never again caring for her. Some went out on ships for sailing. Boys married these girls who were no equal to Sebow in either inside beauty, intelligence or external looks.

Her friends used to leave her in the botany experiment labs, under the green trees, alone and went to snow covered cafeterias to enjoy ice-creams of flavors and like. Her educational accomplishments led her to earn some copper coins. This was stone age where copper coins were highest form of wealth one can earn though work. The businesses those days operated on copper coins.

She could have afforded to spend some copper coins on ice creams too, but was still was ignored. She kept writing messages to female friends but all ignored her. She used to send messages with pigeons on leaves. They used to use feathers on dried leaves.

Till one day she decided to leave village Mrkdag for ever, then suddenly men started having interest in her, females were still having problems and kept on saying that Sebow is an arrogant women.

Who is arrogant women of Mrkdag? The story ends with Sebow leaving Mrkdag sitting on a ostrich for ever and never to return back.

Why you got interested so late men of Mrkdag? Let her go now. A wasted youth of hers ~~

Moral of story: If one has courage to fight one can succeed despite the obstacles of stone age era.

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