Lomikowa – A monster who was jealous of flying mermaids. #fictional short story

#Fictional Short_Story

This is a fictional story and characters here have no resemblance to any living or expired person.

Once upon a time flying mermaids lived in waters of Zyngalands. There was love and joy all in the waters. The mermaid land king merman Zynga was a handsome merman both in looks and in deeds. His wife the mermaid queen was beautiful heart anyone ever met.

They say even happiness gets the bad sight at times. The monsters could not see the happiness of flying mermaids. And they knew there was no way to defeat flying mermaid people. So, they decided to lure the king flying merman King Zynga.

Some monsters entered the body of  unborn female flying mermaids. They gave bodies a spell, these mermaids grew to become extremely mesmerizing beauties.

After the puberty, monster Lomikowa in flying mermaid body and his group  were ready to spell the King. Lomikowa encountered the King. The King fell in for this external beauty of Lomikowa. Only that the king didn’t knew that there was monster Lomikowa inside.

And soon the entire mermaid lands were banished. The mermaid queen somehow took out the king and flew away to distant lands. All that was made with love was destroyed.

They shall come back when the time right, to again show the presence of flying mermaids to the flowers and trees of Zyngalands, who are missing them literally. And to make all that was to be dipped in love all over again.

Published by Nidhika

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