Women’s Fashion should only grow not diminish- Short Story-Miss Waisty

They say stop using cosmetics– no more flashy colors. I believe Women, fashion and colors have friendship of centuries. Trying beauty enhancements with natural products, natural aromas is as old as history itself..correct me if I am wrong. Don’t separate women from fashion, brightness, colors of types, just because some don’t like glary colors and fashions..

Innovate natural colors and natural cosmetics used by women long long ago…. colors that were there before artificial colors were made. Find out ~~ safe colors which are natural to be used by women ~

Short Story Starts here—— All characters are fictional and bears no resemblance with any person living or passed away. This is story from ice age. This is a fictional story. Please do not try water colors not safe for skin to try all this.

Here is a short story of Miss Wasity, a girl who was from a normal family. Who didn’t had expensive jewels but had the wish to to look good. She had dense black hairs~~

Waisty is not waste-y , sounds matters — and may need corrections..

Miss Waisty, wanted to look good and used only a single cloth to make her a butterfly tank top. Same cloth she used to use as a scarf, sometimes as a waist shield. She used just long plain clothes and wear it in so many ways—–tying belts, loopings, plating so on…..with least threads …….. in-expensive fashions..

She knew how to make natural colors with help of flowers, henna and like. The colors were safe for skin to try on.

And used to make designs on her body with the colors. Using henna on waist sometime trying brushes on her neckline, her arms and even on waist. These were natural safe for skin colors.

She loved decorating her waist with these colors that used to wash away completely in few days. So lot of things to do while permanent tattoos cant be as much fun.

One day her love for beauty caught eyes of a foreign diplomat, they fell in love at first sight and married and lived happily and had 6 children. Miss Waisty never left decorating herself with colors, natural colors, her favorite was decorating waist with henna, water soluble natural safe for skin colors……….

Please See: Please do not try water colors they are not safe for skin to try all this. Any color not safe for skin should not be used.

I have personally tried henna on my skin, and it was safe on my skin and left reddish, sometime orange colors. I have also tried using colored eye pencils on skin–it suited me.

Here is how she looked before marriage and after marriage…

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