Russia and Belarus – Movements of Revolts—Still in The same People in Power since so many years?

Have the people forgotten it all and moved on ?

In Russia there were mass protests on the poisoning and captivity of the prominent opposition leader of Russia named- Alexi Navalny.  People were out in masses, streets were filled. Alexy Navalny himself called on people to protest by telling his latest state. Still, when elections in Russia approached no-one came out. Vladimir Putin’s party won by majority and no coalitions were needed. Where are the people now who protested for Alexi Navalny poisoning and mishandling ? Did he contested in the Russian elections?  Why Alexi Navalny didn’t called the Russian people right before elections to vote for his party ? Have the people forgotten it all and moved on – on don’t care mode?

And Belarus, is following similar trends. There were mass revolts. Belarus was in news for weeks as headlines. People were moving in protests for the change of President. One of the opposition leader Shevtelena is in Europe these days. While the Belarus President has declared his legal heir as well, all without elections. Where are the marching people now, marching  for freedom and safety. What are the opposition leader Shevtelena doing from outside the country to help the people of Belarus? Have the people forgotten it all and moved on – on don’t care mode ?

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