Military Miscalculation? Or Planned Trick To Dodge ? Recent Drone Attack At Kabul International Airport

Recently, US has been blamed for killed 6-7 civilian people in a drone attack. Lot of non-native American people and lot of western women in power of speaking and women in power of media are criticizing it.

Well women, decide who you are with? I think I am more American than you.  Sorry—I just heard the western women disregarding their own military decisions. I watch the news for two hours only, and I heard just the western women complaining so–my replies to them only.

What were the situations – did you analyzed it? And for these women I have the following points to tell them, as per my analysis to the system.

  1. Just days before this drone strike there was massive grenade attack on Kabul Airport- It killed around 13 western military troops, injuring several and killing so many innocent Afghan civilian outside Kabul airport. The number of those killed goes in 100’s.
  2. Those killed by the terrorist attacks were all mostly innocent including the USA military troops.
  3. The drone attack was performed on the knowledge of a similar attack again on airport.
  4. Had the forecasted attack on airport been accomplished – then many more of 100’s of more people might had been killed again.
  5. In such situations defense forces tried to save majority of people. Which given the inputs to them was not a wrong decisions. Now the question is how wrong inputs were dodged to the American Intelligence?
  6. Did some Afghans terror groups knew the military tactics used by American Military to receive such terror threats ahead of time ?
  7. And did Afghan terrorists dodged them to perform a drone attack on that car, well fitted with CCTV all around?
  8. This seem as if they were well prepared and it was pre-planned mission?
  9. Was it a plant to raise questions on US military?
  10. Lot of people especially terror groups are jealous of the intelligence and success US have.
  11. If it was a plot then even the innocent who were killed and the US military were bluffed by the dodgers
  12. And this onus does not lie on intelligence, as the intelligence was misguided precautiously  for a planned deliberate attack.
  13. If this seem to be the only reason.
  14. Hence, who leaked to the terrorist group of Afghan —— the tactics US military uses to collects terror attack messages ? Some insider  or  someone who didn’t liked Afghans being left to grow on their own in their own country ?
  15. It was a planned effort as per me, to make the morale of US military down.
  16. Next, to remind these women in power, who are asking US military to stop drone-based attacks in light of this perpetuated incidence. The following are more points they should answer first:
    1. So many innocent Christians died in Armenia when Azerbaijan attacked them.
    2. So many churches and properties in Armenia were destroyed.
    3. North Korea every other day is testing a missile, as if it is readying a product for China, every other day? These people don’t ask them?
    4. So many died outside Kabul airport including US military people themselves.
    5.  So many people died in 9/11 attack
    6. So many people died in French 2015 terrorist attacks
    7. So many people died when Palestine attacked Israel
    8. So many people died when recent plane crashes, it could had been terror linked as well too.
    9. Planes were flying from Baku towards Europe in high numbers, not even a year has passed by that this happened.
    10. Iraq is strengthening its military
    11. Turkey often dictates its terms to West

So many American Troops died fighting this battle, still some people instead of telling the military to be strong tells, that, you should not use drones henceforth? What for?

To make things weaker, where North Korea is testing a missile every other day for China, I guess so—what else a small country makes so many missiles for?  Are you with North Korea its neighbor China?

Are you true American ? Not by blood but by soul and sprit ?  

If not—-let me tell you that America with its partners protects it alias, which are not just countries in the American continent as a whole but all around the world against terror attacks.  So make the people who protect you bolder not embarrassed, esp. to the questioning women in power. I think I am more American than you.  

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