Why North Korea Testing Missiles Every other time ?

Why North Korea Testing Missiles Every other time ?

  1. Every other month North Korea is testing a missile. Why ?
  2. Is it in a business of production of missile launch pads ?
  3. If so, who buys these launch pads from North Korea?
  4. If so, who buys these missile from North Korea?
  5. Is this that keeps its funding for research and development in warfares ?
  6. Korea immediate neighbors are China and Russia. Is it making for them?
  7. If no one buys–then it must have accumulated huge amounts by now ….
  8. If not for selling missile launch pads and missiles ? Why it is making these things ?
  9. From where is this small country, getting the technical knowledge to make such things.
  10. It seem to have no research collaborations with any other country
  11. How transfer of technology happening to it ?
  12. How is it getting the technical advancements in these areas ?
  13. Is it in on talks of climate change ?
  14. Is it is on global corona handling discussions ?
  15. I once hears it sells copies of garments at good better rates ? Is it true ?
  16. Why is it in news for such things only ?
  17. Why never for good things ?
  18. Once I saw on youtube — it has video games, which children of Korea plays in which …https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oxt8gfokcSc ..Why ? Weird it is …..

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