Astro Robot-Nanena- Part II- Short Fiction Story

Note: This is a purely fictional story and holds no resemblance to any living being living or passed away. It is not related to any other organization in any way. It is completely fictional casted in far of place in Universe.

The Astro Robot Nanena was leading the robots in space. This time the aim was to find a new planet where life of blood and skin can exist starting from the Planet Zithe, the planet of life.

The plan was to go to Planet of Life near the Zyngalands, of The Grand Park of Living Stars.

“How should we do it ? “, asked Neerasey

“We can send robots there. Can we?” said Arasa

“Yeah, nice idea, we can set up a robotic basepoints in between. As the the bodies in Planet Zithe cannot breathe without the air that are present in all planet of lives.”

“Yes this way, the Robots will help us set, a place in space, maintain it. We will use the set ups in mission of our lives forms reach other planets of lives”

“Yes, but we need to teach robots certain things then”

“Oh -yeah”

“And it should be ethical”

“Yes. It would be great. At every stop in our space ships, landings, we will have robotic stops to help in the travel of Universe”

“Let us call Astro Robot Nanena. We will give him this task for Robots.”

“Yes, but they should not interfere in our lives though, inform Nanena about this instruction”

“This way we will get to travel to different planets of lives in Universe, with intermediate points taken care of by Astro Robot Nanena”

For more details on characters and places refer to short novels:

  1. The Colored Princess: And their Birth on Galaxy of Colored Shaded Rainbows – Kindle edition by Yadav, Nidhika. Children Kindle eBooks @
  2. The Grand Park of Living-Stars: The tribe of Jnithstrnd: Yadav, Nidhika: 9798538065592: Books

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