Languages and its Acoustics impacting Sound Energy effect on Human Brain and Body– Research Needed

Sounds, Acoustics And Languages

  1. It is all Energy, Light Energy …… and here I am telling you to find and study about sound energy.
  2. Acoustic energy is the effect of sound passing through substances as sound waves.
  3. Vibrations caused by sound can effect the brain and hence a person on its own.
  4. This leads to more insight in study of sounds and oral languages we speak. Since the words we speak are sound waves, a kind of energy put in the brain of the person hearing it.
  5. How does languages developed, apart form for the purpose of sharing information. Sounds to effect the way brain works..
  6. For example the Bus — “बस ” as a sound and a Hindi word means “stop, hold on,..” and in English means a mode of travel.
  7. We need to get in details of acoustics as any sound and its usage effects brain. For example a certain sounds heal you in a positive way.
  8. Let me tell give you examples: Speaking the following gives me a feeling of going deep in universe. It’s acoustics is as follows, This is what I say to get to peace — “OOOHHHHHHH—-MMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhh” . It can mean oh-Ma may be, as I interpret the way I speak it. Ma means mother. Hence I interpret it as Oh–Mother, —and it is too good a sound to heal. Further the traditional sounds heal in too good way some that heal me are: Shri Krishna Govind Hare Murari | 108 Names Of Lord Krishna | श्री कृष्णा गोविंद हरे मुरारी – YouTube , Ram Ram Jai Raja Ram – Ram Mantra – Rattan Mohan Sharma – Ram Smaran – Times Music Spiritual – YouTube, hare krishna hare rama, Hare Krishna Hare Rama | Krishna Dhun | Best Hare Krishna Song Ever | Popular Dhuns and Bhajans – YouTubeLive:- Hare Rama Hare Krishna | Achutam keshvam | Krishna bhajan | bhakti song | bhajan – YouTube — what is it that heals ?
  9. What we speak and what we see and what it means lead to signals in human brain.
  10. Hence if we say word bus–it sounds like बस, our brain will interpret the signals of stop, hold on, while the acoustics shall interpret it as बस, an energy, jointly activated with the utterance of sound, while visual sound will see some other interpretation.
  11. This may effect the wiring in human and living beings brains.
  12. Hence I think more research need to be done in area on Languages and its Acoustics impacting Sound Energy effect on Human Brain.
  13. This needs to be done and many sounds can be corrected, if used in wrong contexts. May be if research proves its effects in birds.
  14. There are noise pollutions causing sounds to disturb.
  15. Energies entering a body can change based on sound energy entering a matter – living or non living. Have you ever seen — a living or a non living matter warms up and sometimes heats up in presence of heat waves, or even in presence of light waves.
  16. So what is effect on living and non-living being by sound waves ? Some acoustic energy and its impact on especially small birds, animals ?
  17. Music of many kinds have a positive effect on brain and even on body organs. This can be based on electromagnetic fields generated once sound energy enters matter of living being? Can you understand this in layman terms ?
  18. There are sounds which our brain cannot hear such as ultrasounds, but they occur and are present and this energy flows through in matter. How does it effect our health? Mental health and Physical health both ?
  19. Ultrasounds are helpful in detecting distant objects in universe. See how it can carry other information to and fro, from such a distance?
  20. Infrasound’s are sounds below the minimum level humans can hear. These can detect the sounds of earth quakes, volcanos, means the sounds are there just humans cant hear?
  21. Can we use birds to detect the earthquakes, may be they can hear it? Are these infrasound help our hunches ? Because sound is there just the brain cant comprehend it, though energy can be felt.

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