Presidential Candidates of France- Why others are not as much highlighted in media as Anne Hidalgo? Or is it just that I miss it everyday when others are shown on TV? May be.

I was watching news. I watch for few hours daily. France TV is one channel that I never miss. The reason is to be updated as I wish to shift to Europe/Americas.

Now there are election rallies going on in France, given as it seems is that not many like Macron much. But the news channel never highlights other candidates. I have not seen other candidates getting news for their rallies on TV ?

All that is shown daily is the women Anne Hidalgo. The past Mayor in France. If she becomes president of France, I would not for sure apply to France. I personally do not like her policies.

Hence it becomes important for me to see un-biased speeches for French Presidential Elections.

We want to see other nominees rallies as well.

Media should be unbiased to show all candidates, even the small ones whos voices cant be reached out to all. Even independent candidates to be shown. I am sure other candidates speeches and rallies are shown well in local TV’s.

But people like me watching international channels–How can we see and plan journey to France, when we are not shown other suitable candidates?

The people who want to apply for visa to France have right to plan and see, who all are fighting the elections against Macron ?

And this should not be biased- as media should not be biased.

Hope international channels will show other candidates as shown in Germany elections in unbiased way.

We want to see other peoples rally too.

Else this is a way to advertise a candidate. Kind of vested interest or is it that the time I watch news no other candidate is shown ? I have not seen any one else rallying yet apart from this woman, Anne Hidalgo ??

Also so show more of her past work. Not just big talks.

I personally don’t like her policies–she will bring back everyone on bicycles as per one of her suggested works given below, in references. There are many things I don’t like about her being the leader of such a big party. We want to go ahead not backwards. I think better candidate should had been chosen by socialist party. Such a nice party and they choose her–I don’t know why ?

But the news channel I missed all the highlights of other candidates all the time. Or is it just that I miss it when others are shown on TV? May be.



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