The Flying Angel like Humans, Did they existed on Earth, or these are Imaginations of how Angels Look. If they existed where is these specific kind of humans and huge birds. Extinct ?

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Note: The following images are take from reference given below. These are some questions and no way to link any thing. These are in no way any religious talks, just questions on how early men used to look. This is not meant to hurt anyone religious thinking, but these questions may help AI to look into how world used to look back then.

This is a question what are these flying human sized birds in our epics, flying humans in so many western paintings and in so many sculptures around the world ?

Are these imaginations ? Or are these the species that ever existed.

These are some questions I wanted to ask:

  1. Do flying humans existed as in so many sculptures.
  2. Do humans sized flying birds existed ? If so where are they ? How was extinction done?
  3. Flying dinosaurs existed ? Or that was imagination ?
  4. Jatayu statue in East and Jatayu mention in epics show huge flying birds were there. So how they entered extension?
  5. Was there climate change and industrialization that made their extinction ?
  6. Did angels took birth on Earth like these larger flying birds ?
  7. If so — mermaids?
  8. If they existed can we find their genes ?
  9. Can we– find their DNA and compare with the current species on Earth ?
  10. May be some dino found are of flying species ?
  11. Why the extinction

In the end – “All that happens is for good. There must be some good in it. Hold on, it may be for some reason.”

Some open questions to refreshen the brain.









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