UK Chancellor Rishi needs following improvements for His Covid Budget- PM Johnson needs a better minister

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#lets end virus with vaccination, test and ending mutations of virus through science.

Note: This article says vaccination is good, but it want to explain we need to invest money in ending the mutants as well. Let us eradicate the virus both by vaccination and ending the process of mutations. For that Rishi Sunak you need to consult Matt Hancock, I think. These are my personal views and not to be represented as a suggestion form a medical professional or a govt body. I am not related to either. I am a AI researcher and hence want funding in AI based virus mutation study.

The budget focusing on covid is investing a lot of money on vaccines, testing, trying cocktail of vaccines, tracing covid. This is very very good. But is this all Rishi ? You are the finance minster of the country in world–which taught the world what modernization is. You need to teach more innovative solutions to find answers to COVID. Here are my suggestions to the country– which once ruled the world- UK.

  1. Putting in money in vaccinations are good. But how long we will keep virus with us — as new variants keep coming. Understand– we need vaccinations at the same time end mutations for ever.
  2. End mutations of virus is the things you need to invest in.
  3. Putting in money in testing corona is good. But do you have answers to think chancellor ? Invest in finding solutions to end mutations.
  4. Clinical mRNA manufacturing is good– but think beyond this Sunak. I think he should have consulted the health minister Matt Hancock if the new health minister is busy in transfer of knowledge of past covid from Matt Hancock. Matt Hancock handled it all in much better way.
  5. Tracing is good-spending money in it is good. But we want to end the virus -virus of all kinds– starting from SARS back then in Africa, at the same time as we do test and trace.
  6. The thing is we need ways out to end the virus form Earth.
  7. Yes spending money in all these measures are needed but with an aim, the aim is to end the virus from earth.
  8. We need to invest in money for finding the origins of virus. We need to use AI to find solutions, we need to invest money in this. We can surely put money in test, trace and heal, but we need to find the root of the problem, then only virus would end from earth.
  9. Let us invest in project “End the virus forever, end mutations” with vaccinations as well as with science.
  10. We need to find under what conditions the virus mutates, and we need to stop mutation of virus.
  11. Yes most of the countries are scared and have right to collect medicines for its own people before donating. As their people paid the money for the drugs.
  12. But how would you solve the problem, stop unvaccinated people from travelling in international travel, Virus wont spread then. As some people show no symptoms of corona as was in 1st wave but they had it. Till the time other countries get their jabs.
  13. There is something people are missing, see how virus mutates, we need to end the mutation.
  14. Let me explain to you about mutation as a topic in AI and biology, In genetics mutation is a rare concept– mutation can happen under adverse climatic conditions, high atmospheric pressures, or some more conditions. Most of the time cross over happens when reproduction happens. Study Genetics basics of mutations. Scientists need to study how virus are mutating. Right, and fund money in lab experiments of how virus mutations can be stopped.
  15. Vaccines is good, at the same time in Israel, the vaccinated people had to be given booster jabs. We need to end virus.
  16. Vaccinate for safety, but–find solutions to end virus, so study mutations, how they occur in labs. And this is the only way to stop future mutations.
  17. The same variant should not be able to effect the body. I don’t know about it ask a doctor. Stop mutations.
  18. So let us end VIRUS from Earth with both vaccinations and ending of mutations of virus. For that go deep in mutations of virus.

As per the reference [1] below, UK Chancellor Rishi Sunak  proposed following for Budget 2021. The following are taken word by word from reference [1] below.

  1. An extra £1.65 billion cash injection to ensure the Covid-19 vaccination roll-out in England continues to be a success
  2. £28 million to increase the UK’s capacity for vaccine testing
  3. £22 million for a world-leading study to test the effectiveness of combinations of different Covid-19 vaccines
  4. A further £5 million on top of a previous £9 million investment in clinical-scale mRNA manufacturing
  5. Extending £500 Test and Trace support payments in England 



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