Reading Face using Artificial Intelligence – Physiognomy using AI

Note: This article is about authenticating the science of Physiognomy using Artificial Intelligence, to help children choose right paths in life and many more benefits. In a way AI can help to prove or disprove this science. This article is in no way claiming to be of race related things. Just to verify old science of Physiognomy and if it is true – to use benefits. I personally don’t know what science of Physiognomy have inside the book. However I know AI and can guide you in this.

A recent news made me wonder if one can read a face and would it mean something ? I mean is Face a Book ????

On reading some articles online, I got to know there in Eastern Side of World Old Sciences on reading Face exists and tells about a person choices. This can be helpful esp. for children to know the career paths. Below are my points on how AI can be used with this science called, Physiognomy. Indeed it can even extend the science of Physiognomy, if even a small truth is found in it.

Physiognomy- Face Reading

As per reference [2] below.

The study of a person face is called Physiognomy. Socrates was a Physiognomist as per this link I read.

As per these references, Face reading or physiognomy, is an ancient art of analyzing a person’s choices based on their facial features. Facial features – such as narrow eyes, big nose, long chin…. Can they depicts what preferences a person shall make in life?

As per reference [3] below there are some Eastern Face Reading techniques. Hence there must be a book, and hence some rules, can we get these rules in AI ?

So my suggestion is why not put in the rules of Physiognomy in AI ? Here are the benefits of it, even if this does not prove fruitful.

AI based Physiognomy

This has the following advantageous:

  1. If this science of Physiognomy is really working, then children can be guided right subjects at early ages.
  2. This can help parents choose right toys for children’s.
  3. This can help child find a right career for himself/herself.
  4. This can help adults to choose a right life partner/spouse.
  5. This can help one get in right profession at right time.
  6. This can help person choose right place to work and live as well.
  7. This can help find criminals, if it holds true.

Further all this is possible only if the science of Physiognomy is correct. How do one verify whether these sciences are correct ? The following points shall answer this.

  1. The AI can verify that the answers provided by Physiognomy and verify it via the career success a person have.
  2. The AI can verify the Physiognomy based analysis and the subject marks a person obtains.
  3. Further AI based computer vision techniques can be used to validate the theoretical science of Physiognomy and its interpretations though AI.
  4. Physiognomy can be made an expert system.
  5. Further, if some or many rules and statements in Physiognomy doesn’t hold then AI can help form new rules, which may better hold.
  6. If no rule hold – AI can tell that Face reading does not work. Hence this is win-win situation. Means the efforts of AI wont be wasted.
  7. But since Physiognomy is an old science, there must be some truth in it, AI can help us prove, disprove it or make a new Science altogether of face readings.


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