Happy Dhan Teras Everyone – Three days of festivity is here

Day for praying Gods of Wealth

Here is my click of the day—-The new style of Drape of Saree I tried today.

This day is for worship of God and is considered auspicious.

Dhan is a hindi word meaning money, Money God and Money Goddess is prayed on this day.

The sound dha– is a good sound in famous — musical vibes such as “sa ni dha pa ma ga re sa..sa re ga ma pa dha ni sa” – I could not find better link — Sorry– [Below is most best song I got — Lack of time ]

This is me—after Worship ! We burn essence of flowers called agar bati and hawan samagri while worshiping to spread the fragrance of flowers

These essence sticks are made of dried flower and purified all impurities and bad sprits don’t dwell where such pure sprits of flowers boom.

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