The Story of White Ghosts from far West and how the fooled common people-Policy of Divide and Rule East and West of Zyngalands

Please Note: This is a purely fictional tale story and bears no resemblance to any person living or passed away. This story is casted in a far off place in universe. This story and characters are not related to any known mythologies.

This is the story in 1 million years back in Planet in the Zynalands region of Universe far far away from this place.

The white ghosts from far West of Zyngalands sat on the chair of power, and never gave back the chair of power back to the states in Zyngalands

There people were mis-represented in powerful positions in Zyngalands, while the white ghosts took care of the job of fooling their people.

Wrong ways of making people fool were made, normal men suffered, while these people on chair held expensive conferences which were nothing less that a treat for them. Seven Star treats served by the richest. Who gave opportunities to people of their vested interest.

People need to see real actions and work.

Those who held the Zyngalands positions of power were busy in enjoying life, and how to make anyone above common man’s life easy.

They showed to people we are different we fight among each other to take eyes off the main topic– “The sufferings of common man”

Supporting the people in Zyngalands who helped them, the greed.

The only thing they didn’t knew was— they had something through which they are easily identified.

The common people, whos hard work they were enjoying on, wanted to know the truth.

One day she came flying from sky tired of watching her people reduced to sick humans came to help by.

These ghosts made people from different directions fight.

They led by divide and rule. People of East of Zyngalands and west of Zyngalands.

They told people that the East of Zygalnads is their enemy

They fooled everyone, to make world the place of rich and white ghosts from far west ruled this place.

The common men were made to understand that East of Zyngalands were doing all this.

This way they make businesses and become more rich was their mantra

Common non ghost white men were misrepresented. Made to slop – why ? as the rich ruled the world through money.

Money is power – girls in Zyngalands got attracted to money, you can make any ghost lie in house for money in Zyngalands. But all they didnt knew was the comman men of Zyngalands had brains, it was their brain and sweat they were enjoying.

Fooling all time the brainy people. People wanted actions not fake promises.

False claims on East of Zyngalands made– to make common man from west and east fight with each other.

While they laughed all time-and enjoyed, comman man suffered. The people they least cared for.

While some girls were getting money and promotions for all the things the rich wanted in Zyngalands.

She lived a life of pain till date to tell, what these white ghosts from far left are doing. Playing games to make world a white ghost lands.

We all know how ghosts looked there in Zyngalands and to top on it- normal physical examination can tell it- think how people of Zyngalands detected- which part of body in Zygalands avatar ? Horns ? No tusks ? No

They made pollution in lands to earn money, made new business to sell old things in new name to make money, the communication was theirs and media they controlled.

Busineespeople and their representatives ….on chairs they controlled through them.

We wanted rule by commons, not just white ghosts from far west who looked common while they served the rich

When so many solutions were provided why none were implemented ??

Why her memory was erased and she started from Zero all over again ? As rich ghosts from far east wanted it.

As they didnt cared for common people from west

All she said to people of Zyngalands was – it is a RIch People World now

How they become rich ? By the sweat and hard work of common man of Zyngalands

Money can buy beautiful and best stone and even some greed filled humans

Common people of Zyngalands were not greedy their females loved love more than money. This was simple to find out….whos who

Common people worked day and night

But white ghosts fooled their own ministers, who did all brainy work. White ghost from far left had no intellect of their own, none.

This is called ruling tacktics, public dealings

They don’t care for any one but white Ghosts from far west, who were given extra promotions while common was was given alcoholic beverages, to decrease their work performance

Attending expensive conferences and showing to world, laughing all time cant hide common man from truths the white witches in all directions.

People need their own leaders not those who show on screen that we are fighting among each other, while they are just dividing the world and ruling it.

She hoped one day Zyngaland people know east and west are not enemies. But subject of the false things their people on chair told the world.

Show to common people we are fighting among each other.

Make a fake bulgary attempt in home and blame it on East – part of their games of powers

In the end after awakening the people she was falsely claimed to have ____ and they killed her.

It was ok, her common men came to remember that the people who served them used to sit in between locals all time. They worked for them, the locals not for rich, who taking away the sweat of brave men in Zyngalands and made profits.

Lands were held by commoners after that for ever.

White ghosts of far west can no longer fool common people.

Woman ………

She will come back when you leave rabbits with no carrots to eat.

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