Happy ChotiDiwali , KaliChaudas Festival Today

Hi All,

Wishing you all a very happy ChotiDiwali and Kalichaudas. The below videos in english tells quick tales on why it is celebrated. These are auspicious days in calendar.

Kali– has a word kal – spoken as kaal – kal means time, kal may at times refer to GOD is god of time.

There are other meanings of Kali as well. I was just explaining word forms from perspective of sounds.

In hindi– male and female nouns and verbs are derived. For eg. billi is a female cat, and mor is male peacock while morni is female peacock. aaya is come for male and aayi is come for females. Lot of Natural language processing work in Hindi, gender specific language.

All this – Today I tried to draped saree in a new fusion kind of way. Watched several bengali style ways of draping saree on YouTube and landed up in this. Cotton sarees are not easy to blend in form in one go.

Here is me on this yearly festival of kalichaudas and choti diwali.

Here are quick links in English on festivals- very short- worth watching:

Have great festival times.

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