Rangoli and Lightings – Diwali (4th Nov 2021)

Rangoli – Is decorating house with designs made from petals of flower, natural materials such as, turmeric powder, red powder, wheat white flour, herbal colors, leaves.

The word Rang is hindi word meaning color.

Rangoli is made on many occasions. Diwali is the biggest occasion for coloring with colors of flower petals of all colors.

The main things I made were (1) Kalash – an earthen pot, used to store holy water to pray and as a nectar of worship, (2) Earthen diya (deep) – a small earthen pot to light in oil with a thick thread/cotton (3) Om Symbol (4) Swastik Symbol.

Here are this year colors some captures.

Decorating the staircase

Praying the big lamp with four lights threads in oil.

The earthen lamp made from mud, used in abundance on this festival. This festival is sometimes called Deep-awali, deep is this deep-the earthen lamp typically. It is used in big numbers to light the no-moon night. To celebrate coming back of Ram, Sita, Laxman after 13 years to Ayodhya.

These are floating candles in water. These are made from wax.

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