Fiction- The Dons Galaxy and Her – Dons playing High Level Games on Her

Note: This is a purely fictional tale story and bears no resemblance to any person living or passed away. This story is casted in a far off place in universe. This story and characters are not related to any known mythologies. MessFullPlanet where this fictional story is based is located zillion of light years away from here.

Now what ——-

She was the queen of her lands near Zyngalands.

The Dons Galaxy called Donragalliexie came to know she is not getting defeated by simple tricks the Dons are making its people play.

And that in this avatar of them on Planet MessFullPlanet — they were all there on this planet — the Dons from Dons Galaxy, Donragalliexie and even her from the Lands near Zyngalands, as you know this name well by now.

They were all in these bodies, the lights, the sparks, even the Dons.

Then she was telling to world what Dons were doing to her. To let world know what and how Dons operate.

Now she was herself born in a normal family.

She told to world what Dons were doing as a nexus in the place of her living. With help of bought up people, paid in money, who sits and fill in gas in chambers, and on top of that gets money for it.

Don’s could not resist — how a meek looking female can exposé the Dons in front of world.

“How dare she?” said the Dons in tandem

“Call her family now – Scare them – How dare their girl take mess with Dons ? Tell him to put case on her now. Else we will kill his entire family. We will send her either to a mental hospital or to jail. Put fake legal case on her now. Send out the people from Dons galaxy, Donragalliexie, to live on floor above her. We will see how she is safe anymore. Send some fake businessmen there.”

See the power these Dons have.

So, the helpless father accepted the The Dons- Board of Meetings — order.

What can he do– he was greedy for life of his other daughters, sons and grand children, who can say no to Dons order ?

He thought sacrificing one daughter to Dons can save life of so many in his family. The Dons can order killing of anyone anytime. Dons are that powerful equipped with chemical weapons on MessFullPlanet which leave no trace in blood, hence she used to cover her nose on MessFullPlanet.

She was not scared of Dons, but he was — as he had other children to survive and she was childless. Hence he trying to sacrifice one daughter for so many others. Else Don’s will kill the entire family, they can — they are underworld Don’s.

So he put a legal case on her, installed voice recorders in house. Already she was put on drugs for a mental disease she never had—- on saying of Don’s which the meek and helpless father could not say no to.

Imagine– First she was put on a fake mental illness with help of her own father, on saying and orders of Don – no one in this land says no to Dons – Why ? Do they all work for DONS ? Or they want to spread the rule of DONS on MessFullPlanet ?

And now, she cant work, due to heavy dose of it,

So, when she said truth,

They want to declare her– anything

Already he broadcasted many times to her. They don’t speak on mouth they broadcast openly in open air. Without naming anyone. Like “Get Out” , “What work you have here” — Things like this.

What wrong has she done ? Mr Don from Donragalliexie ?

A father declaring — her daughter is of no good — mental ? In fear that the Don’s will kill and get his entire family destroyed. Let us sacrifice her.

Donragalliexie was shaken when people on MessFullPlanet came to know she told even this.

MessFullPlanet they all took birth there, to tell to all that Dons from Donragalliexie exists in Universe. And fight is not just in MessFullPlanet but in Universe.

She has to come here in to show you this.

Don from Donragalliexie people take avatars with other people galaxies in their planets where fights are.

And they can do really anything if they can do this.

In the end — the sparks of lights ignited on MessFullPlanet, destroyed the Donragalliexie galaxy up there, she gave them all the Universal GPS location of Donragalliexie gallaxy :-D.

How do common people know which is Donragalliexie gallaxy ? Well — She only gave in Universal GPS location and rejected to tell more details.

……to be continued

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