Mousse in Berry Cream and Fruits Cream with No Milk Cream

Ingredients: Dried/Fresh berries, 1 orange, some dry-fruits to form the cream and cocoa powder (optional)

Step 1. Take some berries (I took dried, as I dont get fresh berrries here where I live, I arranged for some dried ones to make this) Take some dry fruits and one orange.

Step 2. If the berries are fresh, they have water content, in that case lesser orange will be suffice

Step 3. Grinder it in mixture grinder, mine was not working. So I used hand blender.

Step 4. After initial sprint add 3/4th orange and blend/grinde it with blender/grinder. Add 2 spoon of sugar now.

Step 5. When a smooth mixture is formed add 2 small spoon of cocoa powder and remaining 1/4th of orange, else cocoa powder will spill over, you can add other forms of it as well.

Step 6. Keep mixing till mixture is smooth

Step 7. Its ready to be served – It tastes not just sweet, but have orange as well and is sweet and tasty

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