Brain Drain – Questions on Impacts, Reasons and Possible Solutions

As per in reference [1] “brain drain” is a phrase that refers to the moving out of the people of high mental faculties or high skills to other regions in search of better work challenges, better work opportunities or better salaries or may be better living conditions. If you had personal reasons to shift, which are not related to gain of power, as do me, then this article is not for you.

All that is ok, a personal choice, but what happens when there is an increase in brain drain to a steady and increasing rate?

Note: this article is not to hurt anyone’s personal sentiment, but just some curious questions on this issue- – as I think where a person is born is decided by God, so how it effects the native region developments ? I believe the mental faculties and talents are God given gifts while skills are attained by hard work. So brain drain – how it effects ?

I personally feel the impact of brain drain in lot of non-developed countries, when I see news of non-developed countries, the effect is more seen, in crash of financial institutions such as banks, to even the proper basic necessary things to be provided to needy people as in South Sudan as of now. Is it related to brain drain ?

It is for sure an individual choice to make where to work, but when a certain level in career is reached, certain money is earned, why not give back, in for all that had been gained. If not physically then virtually? Is this feasible ? Feel ! The following are some points and some questions:

1. What is the impact of brain drain on the native region ?

2. Some amount of exchange program is always needed, but what if it is in excess ?

3. Who controls the rate of brain drain ?

4. How does brain drain effect the modernization and functioning of the native region?

5. Should the human resources get back -virtually or physically to counter the brain drain ?

6. We are born in certain place as per Gods wishes, so there must be some thing we were meant to accomplish in that region ? I don’t know but I believe in God !

7. How do we give back to the region, to counter brain drain ?

8. What is the aim of human resources involved in brain drain ? Is it just the challenges to be solved in work force or is it monetary benefits or the place of living ? Perhaps, may be personal reason not related to all this–then surely a valid thing.

9. One need to conduct these survey from the human resources who left the region. This is the only way to know how we can develop the native regions human resources left, else how else the native place shall improve, till we don’t know the reasons.

10. If the aim, is personal, or change of things like religion, marriage or so.., then it is perfectly fine, but if the aim is for better living, then we can improve conditions at native regions to make the best minds work for the development of regions, which at times may suffer development because of brain drain.

11. What about the new place, are the people in new place doing brain drain to another place, if so where is this cycle of brain drain ending, and what are the impacts on education, political system, admirative system, development, financial systems.

12. Why don’t brain drain human recourses understand even administrative, governments systems in regions are a a place of duty to work, it too have challenges, and more challenges than MNC have. Not all should be done for money, power, positions and there should be bigger humanitarian aims in life, not just earning money and fame.

13. Why not try, it is a famous saying that ” each drop accumulated to form a ocean” So why not join had to grow back native regions, back, if not physically, then virtually, with funds, directed direct to local people hands, given the money doesn’t reach the grassroot levels ? Banks may fail and people are deprived of their own money, while human recourses in brain drain leading the powerful foreign establishments ?

14. Why just leave those lands which educated you, which nourished your childhoods?

15. Why not give back ?

16. What the place had been had you been here — if you had personal reasons to shift, as do me, then this article is not for you.

17. Or is it to gain just powerful positions ? Then does native place not offer positions of service and perks with power ?



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