Christmas Wishes in England Made an Issue – Why they hate an intelligent person, PM Borris Johnson, who is fighting with boldness in one of the worst hit place on Earth!

What would you do on Christmas, yes Corona was spread all around in the country. But what would someone do on Christmas, sit and cry ? Leaders are supposed to smile even in the toughest times, to boost the morale of the people who work under them. But people who hate them, how can they leave a chance to express their hatred for him. That is ok, express, you are lucky to be in a democracy where you can express your dislike for the leader of the nation. If you had been in China, you could not have said anything, but anyways they don’t seem to celebrate, even in good times, never seen them smiling ! Sorry! Lack of interest in Chinese traditions and festivals !

Someone who have himself fought corona, recovered from it – PM Borris Johnson. Fighting each day to find ways to save as many more life, by one more lockdown, one more jab (as top doctors suggest him). England has been un-proportionally badly hit by Corona than rest of the world, then is USA and many more countries in line. And to the irony, these were the best brains in the world, who made world what they are with their leadership. Many systems all around the world still follow the British hierarchy of architecture, in not only levels but also in way of operations. They payed ways to modernizations. Sad to hear these places worst hit. One wave does not end and another starts there.

Amidst all this, how does one keep up the hope of people who work under you. Should you not even wish them Merry Christmas, the only big festival west celebrates in a year ? Or should they sit and take stress and make their brains susceptible to Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome ? If they keep thinking of stress all time, all they will get is a blocked mind, how will they solve problems nation is facing ? Should they stop greeting, should they stop eating as well ? This is a new threat in world, the first trace of which was massively spread in Wuhan, China. The same trend is being followed all over the world.

Now the great leader, who is always encouraging people is being humiliated for greeting Christmas to his employees, to keep the morale of team up. In a democratic country, in Asia, doctors were dancing during corona to reduce stress levels of work, last year in order to cope up with work. How do leaders reduce their stress ?

Ask these people “BTW– WHAT WERE YOU DOING ON YOUR BIRTHDAY ? DID YOU CUT THE CAKE ? IF SO WHY ? ” This is the same question these people are asking!

Dear people, who donot like PM Borris much, what do you think they should had been doing then on Christmas, crying ? Eating no food, should they stop drinking water as well ? What you want dear haters ? So dear people, tell what are you eating? The country you live is in yet another wave of corona, this time a variant OMICron first found in South Africa. How are you surviving ? Did you, dear people, who finds just fault with PM Borris Johnson, go to hospital, to help the NHS workers ? No—-

As all they know is to disrupts the normal working of the system. To disturb normal working and to make common people hate the best leaders.

And now dear people, who don’t like PM Borris Johnson, want to mind wash innocent people. Yes many and so many have lost the love ones, but we have to save so many more. We have to work on saving the humanity, if we stop and start crying ourselves, who shall give hope for people to stand up and live for others who are there.

Who shall give hope to people who are surrounded by yet another corona variant. PM Borris Johnson did what was needed, he did what the best scientist from world told him to do, he did what his NHS heads told him to do, he does not like to keep you in lockdown as well. These are measures to save lives, there is this virus, the most educated medical scientist in world are not able to fully tell how to stop it, and PM role is to take decisions based on information provided to him by experts.

The WHO says we still don’t know how severe omicron variant is as of todays news I read on internet. So how can common people know. But dear people, who don’t like PM Borris Johnson- why, is a different question. And someone can get jealous a intelligent competitive person for sure. So the message to haters is– please do not brain wash common people brain, the people who are too innocent to understand your games.

BTW who are these dear people, who don’t like PM Borris Johnson ? Some are for sure opposition, the work of opposition is to come to power, but why common journalist on tv today were filled with fury for her own country PM ? What did these journalist eat or drink ? Is she on water diet ? Have she never tasted wine since past 2 years of pandemic? Why don’t they go and see what stress is, what pain is, and how to lead even seeing pains all around ! They wont know it or rather not like to know ! As they are filled with feeling revenge! Revenge that they did not break down amidst all this and they still have a smile on face and that they are still fighting with HOPE ! HOPE is what he wanted to give on Christmas!

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