A New Virus Variant ! Omicron – Prevention, Cure, and Treatments

This is a new virus variant called Omicron. How its nomenclature was given is not known to me. But the word omicron is made of two words, omi and cron. The word omicron, as per dictionary means, the fifteenth letter of the Greek alphabet. However, the current news as of today on this topic seem to be saying that is spreading fast. The good news is that vaccination is helping in severe symptoms from this variant as per todays news.

Prevention by vaccination, Cure by antiviral and treatments – How about that ! What is status on this, see the last paragraph for this!

The big question is – we have to end mutations. This is a mutation of delta variant, scientist must explain how is it mutating. Is new virus are made when they change organisms? I am not a biologist, so I am asking you, how has it mutated in any way. Mutation as a genetic topic, in genetic algorithms can be explained as flipping of certain genes, in extreme or rare conditions. The three genetic operations are crossover, which take place all time, the mutation and the most important is selection. These are processes of reproduction in living beings. Virus is not like bacteria, a living organism ! These are questions which I think one needs to think to stop, the mutations. Once mutation reason and conditions are known, it can make us separate and eliminate mutations and hence end the tensions of yet another variant, just like last week was tensed to know another variant have come in.

A journalist in UK, was saying that UK is imposing yet more restrictions in view of Omicron. Well, dear journalist, what measures you suggest ? Tell us all ? It is easy to mock each decision the person you don’t like takes, but tell the world what are your suggestions. BTW the suggestions imposed are those–which require safety, and is recommended by the best doctors in world, who work in WHO. These are not the leaders own suggestions. People like you make innocent sway. Journalist should know their moral obligations to the profession, either speak for benefit of viewers or show what is truth as it is, do not take out you enmity, to make innocent people bluffed. Given UK allows all these criticism even if false!

So back to omicron, we also need to study which genes of people are effected in which proportion and which severity. It is needed to study this to know is virus effecting a particular gene. I have seen marches against vaccination in Europe and America. While no such news ever came from China. How is delta, omicron and other variant spread in China had been ! Given virus spreads though contact and air, how can China contain virus while other countries cannot ? How is this possible ? Perhaps, China should share its secrets with world for better health management for others as well. And benefit of humanity.

Rest vaccinations, experts are saying to the best of knowledge vaccinations are helping in new variant as well, so why people are not taking vaccines ? How long, the vaccine effect is there in human body, and how it interacts with the new variant! Well, one needs to understand the science behind the new variant effect inside the human body as well. If the human body contacts a new variant of virus, the virus goes inside the body. The symptoms of alpha, delta and omicron –seem to be the same ? What thing apart from antibodies ? When symptoms are same, why cure cannot be same ? Its ok new virus, new kind of T-cells, but the cure- I am talking of- the symptoms produced by virus of alpha, delta, seem to be like similar – breathlessness, lung infection, immunity weakens, so on.. So question is how can we cure these symptoms ? Why not no medicine to cure the symptoms ? How long can we be making new vaccines, new boosters ? Health Ministers, question for you ! Can the science which had made HIV patients live longer by stopping the symptoms, not stop in the similar symptoms in pandemic virus prevalent now a days. My suggestions– look to cure the symptoms, invest research in this direction as well, apart from investing in making all new kinds of boosters needed in coming times. Hence, in short, both are needed newer vaccines as well as a mechanism to cure the symptoms, as all corona virus mutations seem to produce the similar kind of symptoms. If we are able to handle the symptoms then it shall be a good bye to virus fear, I don’t know for sure, as I am not a medical doctor, but someone who has followed these news with details. When we can control all kind of infection symptoms, why cannot we stop symptoms of a new virus variant. For that one needs to understand, what virus does to the lungs and body, how is this different from one variant to another. Is there a new kind of cell division in omicron. Just analyzing statistics is not enough, medicine is a big science, explain to us, how new variant is changing the effect on lungs, the key organ effected by this category of virus, how it is effecting other organs. What are cell divisions that are happening in these organs ? Understand difference from inner body, not just how fast it is spreading, this statistics is important to curb it. But to cure, we need to understand, that how this variant is effecting inner organs, and how the previous ones were. And this can help in developing a generic cure. Yes this does not eliminate the need of vaccinations and anti-viral drugs for sure as they boost up natural immunity. But what I am asking is a parallel science of how biology inside body is effected by change of mutant of virus.

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