Virus Severity Detection with AI right after virus structure is known

This article if for everyone, not just AI people, not just doctors, but common people as well. As we all want to know the science behind virus severity to lead better well planned lives. If not through logics of biology then AI can come in to help. How a virus effects lungs while another just causes cold and cough, there must be some biology behind this. If not sure take help of AI and Machines which can Learn anything these days once data is collected and data fed in the machines.

In this article I present my proposal to detect virus severity right after the virus structure has been detected. All with help of AI. The motivation behind what I am proposing here is the fact that the latest corona virus variant called Omicron has not been that severe as was the Delta variant of coronavirus, as per news of today and past few days. However everyone was scared initially that a new virus has come which differs in structure with Delta variants in few points have come up in South Africa. So how to know whether a new virus is deadly or not, or it will catch us unprepared as in Delta and the first outbreak. Now France has a new variant too, we need to know the severity, we cant just think next one shall be easy too, and it catches us badly, either prove it scientifically and biologically else use AI!

This is not just about a variant of coronavirus, I am proposing the model to be developed for all kinds of virus, be it a common cold viral infection, flu, Swine flu, SARS and any other previous virus even in animals. Why this is needed, as we will get the genomic sequence of all kinds of virus that ever effected any kind of organism on Earth. Then — -we need to find relation between the genomic sequence of the virus, be it common cold virus, and the impact of this virus as moderate, or negligible or as in case of Delta Variant of Corona Virus — impact to be severe. These three categories shall be assigned to the data — virus being of severe impact, virus being of negligible impact, and virus being of moderate impact. Along with the degree of impact.

All this can be related to not just how much genomic structure of Omicron is different than genomic structure of common cold virus, as some doctors in world are saying it is not severe virus. Hence we need to study the genomic structure of common cold virus, SARS virus and then Omicron virus, then all other virus. This can tell us — if God forbids, but if any new virus mutation comes in future — how much we shall be prepared for it, how to find the severity of such virus early in time, so that we may not have to be in situation like in Omicron, where no body knew how severe it would be. Every one was scared as it looks in its protein structure almost like Delta variant of Coronavirus except at 20 or so points in spikes. Hence, everyone was scared, everyone was waiting for data. Hold on what about science ? Why not get in the science of knowing the genomic structure of virus and telling how it may effect a human body. Just like based on cancer type one can predict the life cycle of the person effected with the cancer, same with TB, the person effected with TB, we know what is the life cycle, and same with HIV, there are drugs for same made now and even the lifecycle and severity are know for this virus as well. Similar studies need to be done for corona virus variants, once must be able to see the genomic structure and predict it biologically, however if not possible, I am not a medical person or a biologist, but an AI researcher, hence I can tell how AI can help in predicting the severity and impact and even lifecycle of a virus, be it common cold virus or any mutant of coronavirus.

But now data is there, and doctors are proving it with help of data that it is not that severe. Hold on we have science, and AI, why not explain the logics and science behind it all with Scientific explanations ? We all need to know science, it can help us prepare for travels and even for other works one wants to do. We cant live in an unpredicted world — such as — out of nowhere a new virus called Omicron came and started spreading like wildfires. Back then in 2020 when someone called coronavirus as a common cold virus there was a big backlash. Now many are using the word common cold, see my other article for references !

We need scientific explanations, as soon as a virus is detected. Waiting for data to be collected in each country and analyzing the time span of stay in hospitals, then data scientists can also tell how severe it shall be. And why should someone wait so much, why cant science explain n predict the impact based on factors. This can help reduce anxiety of so many people, of so many business, of so many people planning travels. All I want researchers to focus is if mutation is a naturally occurring rare phenomenon then there must be science in it. Hence if you cant prove the science by logics of biology then use the help of AI and Machine Learning. I am willing to help you in this, in case you find understanding this article too tough.

So the thing is there are much more factors to be analyzed by Machine Learning and AI algorithms. First, how does the structure of virus effect the severity, as per my knowledge there was severe delta variant impact in UK in 2021, despite UK being highly vaccinated place in world in 2021. Hence, there can be several reasons to know how severe the virus is. This time when Omicron came, everyone was clueless how it shall react in world ?

Another questions people were thinking was — Will this virus Omicron be more dangerous that the Delta variant of coronavirus or shall it be same as Delta variant of coronavirus? The WHO and people around the world were all waiting to get some data. All local regions in world were doing round the clock watch on how the coronavirus may impact their countries? As per news I watched delta reacted in different ways in different parts of worlds. Hence, there is a need of AI based analysis of a virus and its impact on a population under question.

Now these genomic data and classifications are well know to us by now, with all kinds of virus man have ever experienced in history till now. This shall be a good collection of base data we shall start our experiments on. Once this data has been collected, start to append various kinds of data per country into it, these include the active vaccination rate in country, which means the number of people in country who are with vaccination, other factors being the average age group of people in country, the organ most effected by the virus, the symptoms of the virus, the average age group of people in country effected by virus at any particular time in history, the month in which it effected, the humidity in region, the temperature in region, to even the dominant gene in the region all these shall help in data mining.

The following shall be obtained once these experiments are performed. One can tell how severe the virus is for a particular country, how many days the virus shall last, what shall be most effected population group for that virus variant, to even predicting the next variant that can be formed form this virus using Long Short Term Memory Models or even Transformers.

These are my proposals, in case you want to implement my ideas, please do mention this article of mine in references of your highly funded research projects ! I don’t have data nor recourses to implement the same. Good luck in implementations!

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