Male and Female Education. Learning from Jeffrey Epstein case.

#JeffreyEpstein case

I saw the article today,, I wanted to write it back then, when the Jeffrey Epstein issue was in news. But could not. Today, got some time to propose strict measures so that in future no such case ever occurs, no such non adult female is indulged in any such thing. So that crime against women and here crime against teenage girls, never happen ever.

Crime against women and here minor girls lured in by gifts. This is too bad and what we are doing as society to handle this? How could all this was allowed? On first go how was the very first minor, not reported on time to her school principal. I tell, you, as girls shy away, I myself shy away telling my plights, my pains. I still am shy, and hesitant to speak my pains openly, but these are bold girls, they spoke out, I still can’t. These are bold girls who put and asked FBI for not responding, be it the sport’s sexual assault case by many atheists that was in news.

Let’s fix, both these issues, these are global issues. The developed nations should pay a light to end this. It effects male and females both. Both needs to be taught.

These are non adult girls in the top developed country in world. Come on. We need measures. Not just punishments. Measures to save the females from getting in these wrong things for what? And even stop and educate male and females, about what is right and wrong, before it worsens.

Here are my insights

I remember as a teenager when someone proposed girls around, I and my friends knew how to say no, even as a 12 to 14 year old. While those interested in relationship said yes to the proposal, others denied. Girls were always asked. One boy, a rich boy proposed me in 8th standard, in school, he gave me such big chocolates, that I never saw before. He was like a family to my bestest friend. I was in dilemma, to say yes or no. If I say no, I loose my bestest friend. And I had no special feeling for him then, I was in 8th only, almost topper of my class, scoring 100 on 100 in German, Maths …. So, I said yes, but when I went to meet to him, very first time. I didn’t even look at him, and ran away. I was given huge gifts on Valentine’s Day by him, which I never consumed by me. It was the end. My friendship with my only bestest friend broke, fully broke.

Even after so many boys approached me. I never said yes, nor gave any signs of interest to anyone in neighbor hood. Till I was of age, age to receive scholarship, money to buy me the branded jeans and contact lenses to look good. So that I can get the kind of man who equals me. But may be it was too late then, as all right ones were engaged by then. Anyways, this is not the issue. All I wanted to say was, I always was told in my teenage years, to not to engage in these things. I was fully single till 25 years of life, studying in engineering discipline, which is male dominated, especially in premium colleges. Lot of attention is obtained by a beautiful girl, in such environments. I felt it for sure. Still I kept saying no, to all, advances. I felt boys around are not as mature as me. So I never entered any relationship. Oh yeah, hormonal disbalance, backfired me for sure, very badly, because of this. It was not easy, lone, path, still I was happy and not engaged to anyone, there were rich boys, intelligent boys, but I wanted something more and mature like me. May be later, I shall explain.

And yes for sure, I didn’t even knew how the other gender looks like, what it is to even touch other gender. As I was educated since youth, to stay away from boys and there was no reason to overcome this rule imposed on me given, I found no one intellectual equivalent to me, that I break this rule imposed on me. I was very shy very introvert, and conservative. The only adult things I saw was star movies, Titanic scenes, some more ….likes…and for sure I loved to watch Love scenes on Hollywood channels. And always waited for the special bonding things, even as a 14 year old teenager. MTV and channel V provided me some interesting adult interaction between male and females, to know what love is like. So all I learned was love is an emotion, but never knew it fully, what it ends up too and happens after the kiss, I never knew. Never. I still admire Boyzone, backstreet boys and Truly deeply madly song made me wonder, when mine will come in my life. Savage Garden song, OMG, it was it as a young girl. And wanted so much to hear this song from a man who loves me, I will be your wish, I will be your dream…..but dreams never came true…it remained dreams…So I am illustrating this, as I was aware, as a female, young though, not to engage in with opposite gender. It’s build in in everyone, thing is to understand and educate children in puberty to know, what is relationship all about?

Here, the focus, is how to educate boys and girls, men and women about sexual maturity. This is what I see as my journey to senior adult progresses in a new phase of woman heading to 40s.

I present some solutions to avoid future such things. How long can this go on, how long, we are in 2022, high on everything. Why men, women, boys and girls are not educated at different levels, online.

1. Education pays a great difference in lives of people, this is what education is all about. Sex Education is part of this. Why sex education not been given in schools, colleges, offices and even as mandatory business protocol?

2. This seem to be problem in the way we educate children.

Sex education is different from teaching the right and wrongs in lessons. No it about gender maturity, to understand what is happening to you what you are going through and how to deal with it. Sexual energies are very different thing, see, about in in any self help book. It can’t be healed by right and wrongs, but measures, preferably non medical, natural ways to release excess sexual energies, exercising is one, singing, dancing, and other things I don’t want to say, but need to be taught to females and males who never encountered physical relationship before and are unaware of this. Else these can lead to adverse effect.

3. Kids should be taught to say no. If the the first girl who suffered this was encouraged to report on time, the issue, many more could have been saved from all this. So this needs to be fixed at school levels.

4. Mobile Apps can be made for girls phones, to track such activities and report to principals of the girls schools, to stop future crimes on minors.

5. Teaching younger generations about wrong touch to be reported to school teachers. Such solution to prevent future such things.

6. Role of media also plays key role, illogical movies and novels such as movie Lolita, should be banned.Nishabd movie, I can’t understand? Why such things? On one side it’s unconstitutional, on other side, media?

7. I heard he was guided by a woman socialite, an elite. Had she not done what she.., then….It is too much too bad! Why no one told about her. Why girls never told…

8. Let’s educate male and females in schools, re-education I work, again and again, the kinds of physical touching, that are not allowed. Why again and again, as media , movies, replaces the memories of humans, and these are sources of things that can effect the learning of brain, even adult brains.

9. Let’s educate, and re-educate men, in every 5 years, how women can be touched and how not? Are we not tired of same kind of issues coming again and again.

10. Let’s educate parents of teenager what teenage life is about, there are lot of changes in body. Hormonal changes in the Pituitary glands, effect the brain as this gland is in brain. Children’s want to understand the changes, physical and other, happening in body.

11. Let’s educate school teachers to talk to teenagers, as a one to one. Regular teaching are not enough, teenagers need to understand the things they are facing.

12. Let’s educate male and females, that after a age, attraction happens, when not told, problems can happen.

13. Let’s educate male and females, how to cure the attraction on yourself, if the other is minor. These are parts of sex education, I don’t want to write this, but every adult should knows, how to release this tensions. Excerise is one way, rest please I can’t write, I am not that open in all this, given my background of highly conservative roots.

14. If the desire can’t be controlled by male or females, then there are medicines to cure and curb it. Saving life, pains. But the minors and even adults need to seek the right thing, if they feel so.

15. Jeffrey Epstein, what was his past life like? Was he a bad boy in school. Why he went in for this, if girls were not interested? How to heal men at right time is also an issue. Or was he addicted to it later in life? Did that women did this for money? If you won’t understand how would issues in world be resolved. Same the female atheletes, reported a male trainer in USA, why you seemed no females. Why no female representative in athelitic community not understood the matter? Why they had to report it, where are their female guardians in sports. Why, the senior female players not told, why female coach was not given to girls? Let’s make an mobile app, on this too.

16. How to heal women in love is another issue, as men can still help themselves.

17. These pains are lifelong, it causes destruction of careers, life’s.

18. Just making an online know how is not enough. It should be explained with movie at right intervals of life. As people tend to forget, if you read any book on Highly Successful People, then this is an energy that was related to successful, people like Einstein as well. Read book think and grow rich, to know more.

19. Sexual Energy is not same at all phases of life, it keeps changing. Hence, movie based re education is essential.

20. An Mobile app should be made, to get digital approval, of the two person, before meeting, dating or anything, which is legally bound. This can help people be educated about, things.

21. Sometimes, people fell in love, not just for physical pleasure with other gender, this is dangerous if not reciprocated, in that case, right help should be provided.

Lot more issues are there. I am running out of time. No more time in coming week. Try to think yourself, Write to me if you still need more explanation.

Let’s solve these problems now. It’s painful for both involved, and even for those who know. Some can’t come out of pains…

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