I Con-Con-Confess to You My Love & My My Desire – My Song, for love – My & My

Here is my Song for My Confession on this great day, I sang in my own voice, produced & directed by me only.

Link to my song, my voice:

#nowplaying I Con Con Confess To You My Love by Nidhika Yadav feat. Nidhika Yadav via

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I Con Con Confess To You My Love by Nidhika Yadav: Listen on Audiomack

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I Con Con Confess To You – YouTube

Lyrics, by me, copyrights – De Nidhika Yadav

1. I con-con-confess to you

I have a confession

I’m a huge fan of your

But here is a Confession

I watch you daily,

I hear you daily,

In the temples of my heart, mind, soul

And more beyond

Forgive Me?

I con-con-confess to you

Oh My & My

Forgive me

For the sins

That I never did

For the unattempted sins

That brought me back to you my love

Forgive me

I have con-con-con-confession

That — –


That I love you

I admire you day and night

But here is a Confession

I want you daily,

I sing you daily,

In the skies of all your dimensions

I call your name

Oh my de

Come to me

Or call me to you

Cheery pick me up

Take me to him

For he is my con-con-con-confession

Forgive Me?

I confess in you

I connnn-confesss

I confess I am your

Oh my de

I love you deeply-con-con-confesss

My Lords

I would try to

Con-con-confessing the truth

And the reasons

Forgive me

I con-con-confess under you

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