May be time for Teddy Cats, Teddy Dogs, Or- Teddy Bears & Bunnies ?? And real cats & pet dogs, when allowed as per domestication guidelines.

After baby child, is at safe age for hygiene, as determined by Vetinary Doctors & General Physicians. Those not sensitive to pets, can use Teddy Bears When – Cute humans friendly Pets – Many Natural Biological pets instead of teady bears with Emotions and boundings are there?

Pets allowed only, pet animals sanctioned by Vets, Environmentalist & Public Health Experts, only. Birds, fish, as per request only- They like free water please, birds like to fly. Please ask which breed of which animal can domesticated, if they can be.

What Not to keep as Teddy Pets Then, Any Dangerous or Disease Spreading

Why, as Making of Teddy bears cost environment, it use certain synthetic products as well. Furthermore, the natural products used are highly costly, not everyone can afford cute teddy bears of very nice quality, further bears are quite at times found of non veggies too, sorry, just a thought that came to head, here. So, even the teddy cats and teddy rabbits, bunnies, teddy mouse, mongoose, so on, can be replaced by hygienic, authorised household pets, rabbits, so on.

Caution: Careful: Transmission of herpesvirus from a person to a rabbit

Question: Can bunnies and rabbits be kept as pet, below it shows, not many jungle animal, likes it, then remembering, in Tortoise and Rabbit Race, Totorise wins the match always.

There must be caution, and care for hygiene if one takes own pets out, to meet others pets in gardens, or streets, so, on, veterinary doctors can explain it well. Hence, domestic animals classification, cannot be denied and should be updated at regular times, to note, specie to specie transmissions, especially, if one takes out the pet in parks, to meet other species.

Caution, on Rabbits…? Really or..Can Venitinary Doctors Provide details? Can bunnies be pets or not, following are some preliminary analysis, based on initial study, requested Vets and environmentalist to study relation.

Despite rabbits’ ability to multiply rapidly, mother nature dooms the population of rabbits with predators’ help.

Because a rabbit’s primary defense is to run and hide as quickly as possible, it makes them vulnerable to large, more robust, and faster predators. What are examples of these predators? Keep reading to find out.

Raccoons are omnivorous and can eat veggies and animals such as rabbits if they can catch them. However, bunnies don’t make the most of a raccoon’s diet because raccoons are slow and prefer slow-moving creatures.

A bear’s diet ranges from honey to ants, rabbits, deer—or even anything if hungry! Bears feed depending on the season and availability and can eat even veggies if the meat is unavailable. However, they prefer meat more and can eat rabbits when available.

Although birds of prey may not be much of a problem in urban areas, they can attack and eat rabbits, especially if they are on free-range.

Birds such as eagles, hawks, falcons, owls, and crows are always on the lookout to snatch away and eat small mammals like rabbits, squirrels, and mice.

Snakes can eat pretty much anything that moves, depending on their sizes. Medium-sized snakes like cobra, mamba, and viper can eat smaller-sized rabbits, while large snakes like anacondas, pythons, and boas can quickly engulf larger rabbits as a whole.

Domesticated dogs can attack and eat a bunny at any time, depending on their nature and upbringing. Plus, there are some domesticated dog breeds developed specifically to chase and kill animals like rabbits. They include Jack Russel Terriers, Beagles, Basset Hounds, Redbone Coonhounds, Fox Terriers, and Weimaraner.

Big cats such as leopards, bobcats, and cougars are mainly carnivorous and pose a threat to any prey, including rabbits. These animals do not usually need rabbits for survival and may kill and eat bunnies after having enormous game meat.

Domesticated cats also have predatory instincts and can kill and eat a rabbit. While bunnies can defend themselves to some extend (by running or kicking), they can’t survive catfights from large kitties.

Young and small rabbit breeds are most at risk because of their tempting “mouse-like” appearance.

Ferrets are small mammals that are pure carnivores. They are also nocturnal, with a pretty good night sight, putting them in the rabbit’s way. This means that ferrets usually have rabbits as their primary source of food.

However, ferrets also eat other small mammals like rats, possums, and hedgehogs. These carnivores have a high metabolism and small intestines that allow them to eat every part of an animal, including bones.

Despite weasels’ small sizes, these animals are strong and thrive in pack hunts, making it easy for them to eat similar size rabbits. They also have a high metabolic rate, a big appetite, and eat their prey by crushing them from the neck region.

Most of a badger’s meal consists of small insects and worms. However, they can also hunt and eat small mammals like bunnies and rodents like rats.

Stoats also prey on rabbits by tricking them. They hunt in packs and use the diversion technique such that one stoat distracts the rabbit while the rest of the pack pounds on the prey.

Due to the demand for rabbit meat, rabbit farms worldwide are raising rabbits to fulfill the need. Humans not only hunt rabbits for their meat but also their coats.

What Animals Would Kill A Rabbit but Not Eat It?


Possums may attack and kill a rabbit but not eat it because they are mainly scavengers. Possums eat dead animal’s carcasses after other predators have already killed and eaten most part.

These animals may attack and harm a bunny if they feel threatened.



Raccoons are omnivorous animals that eat vegetables and also scavenge animal species. As scavengers, a raccoon can attack and kill a rabbit to harm it but not eat as raccoons only eat what’s already dead.

raccoon ll


Besides being prey, housecats are also predatory species that may hunt and kill rabbits without eating them as normal predatory behavior. However, housecats shouldn’t eat bunnies as these animals harbor diseases that they could spread to them.

Ragdoll Cats

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