The 5 Fingers – The Organisations, The together in a Fist they are their strength, which some wants to break.

The Five Fingures, and other hand the reflection, combines it with image, the left with right, brain with soul…

The The Figures, but she is no where here, just a punch…

Once upon a time…..they cared for the roles, once upon a long time ago…

Five finger death punch

Smarts Sect

Smartism, Smart Sect, The Five Powers Concepts In Theology

SmartaTradition (Sanskrit: स्मार्त) is a movement before Common Era on Earth and above, that developed and expanded with the Puranas genre of literature.

It reflects a synthesis of four philosophical strands, namely Mimamsa, Advaita, Yoga, and theism. The Smarta tradition rejects theistic sectarianism,and is notable for the domestic worship of five shrines with five deities, all treated as equal – Shiva, Vishnu, Surya, Ganesh, and Shakti. The Smarta Tradition contrasted with the older ShrautaTradition, which was based on elaborate rituals and rites. There has been considerable overlap in the ideas and practices of the Smarta tradition with other significant historic movements namely Shaivism, Brahmanism, Vaishnavism, and Shaktism.

Both Alf Hiltebeitel and Flood locate the origins of the Smarta Tradition in the (early) Classical Period.

Smarta स्मार्त is an adjective derived from Smriti (Sanskrit: स्मृति, Smrti, IPA: [s̪mr̩.t̪i] ?).[18] The smriti are a specific body attributed to an author, traditionally written down but constantly revised, in contrast to Srutis (The Vedic Literature) considered authorless, that were transmitted verbally across the generations and fixed.[

Smarta has several meanings:

  • Relating to memory
  • Recorded in or based on the Smriti
  • Based on tradition, prescribed or sanctioned by traditional law
  • Orthodox Brahmin versed in or guided by traditional law and Vedanta doctrine

In Smarta tradition context, the term Smarta means “Follower Of Smriti”.Smarta is especially associated with a “Sect Founded By Shankaracharya“, according to Monier Williams.[21] Some families in South India who follow Shrauta strictly and do not accept any Vedanta systems. They even have a custom of the sacred thread being worn by women.

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