Sahara Desserts, Possible Past, Current & Possible Future, A trial, to know hidden Secrets of Desserts, Some Imagination, Some Digital Arts #imagination #story #fiction

We believe, once upon a time, there must had been life in these desserts, why? After analysing and in depth studies, we present here, some digital arts based illustrations of past lives of Earthly desserts, especially The Sharan Desserts, here illustrated here, for time being. This Ian’s an in-depth analysis on Special Request from Him & Them. Though learn to study pictures to illustrate more, as I am not a fan of typing, nor speaking extra.

Writing it as a imaginary story, This is fiction, All character, places are fictional, made with digital art software’s, to develop a story, of why Desserts are dry now..May be, just a dream and some science we studied well, mixed to create a fictional scene

When, man was learning how to grow, cook, Sharan would had looked like this perhaps, as per what we can imagine. Earth is 3.56 billion year old then..

Here, few trees remained, what happened, here?

In next 200 years, from this scene of sparse growth of plants, comes a Lake, trying to spread as a river, plants grow to trees.

It…spreading up again..plants growing again here as well..

Sunsets wishes it Good Night, Sweet Dreams, till I meets again, the lake..

Oh, greenway was once there, long back, 2 million year before

Then slowly it started to turn to dry deserts, still some flours fauna flourished

It’s the ..will.., that, plants sprout on their here…Is there the WILL, Strong will enough, to dream it? Dream strong enough, to see Life Again, sprouting~~~

The growth of humid period..Its Said The Power Subconscious Brain is Powerful, so here, let’s think, I love greenery, so, made story is this way.

Slow growth in other parts of worlds, with similar demographics

Old paths calling..

The fishes remains, in this region, show, water was there, once, (fictional story)

Soon to be map…in Fictional Universe, Fictional Worlds, coming back to Green

Some, old cravings, to remind life, once that was here, and there..

Once, once, once…and Once upon a time

Excavations started, to prove, then,..

More Proofs found, then..

Found this…

And this,

Then, in story, on other side, where the water was not there,


More found..


Some more proofs of remains, as winds uncover, phases, which were scaring many..were not monsters but..This..

Undusted, more remains

And here, it was found


After performing the excavations, we found the following statistics as per fictional universe of Miss Fiction Worlds

This was found, CAT FISH & More Fishes, if Rare Beauties, I once loved them here.

Radiocarbon Dating, estimated the following, from current date

Then it was like this, deteriorating, then, still not worse,..

Once again revival, as it happened, to this time, it starts to revive, from this 1 Second Onwards. Passed.

Houses build, among, to not let Miss Trees and Baby Plants alone, in desserts alone, they are scared too

Here, they shall get used to living with sparse dry grasses, with human camps at behind, in white camps as behind, this cute saviour of dessert souls, in the lonely nights with sands alone.

More, heading to deserts, from partial green lands, to ready other parts for some rain, some life and go asks camels to bring the camels food from this dry sand, once again..

Miss Trees and Miss Babies, plants, spread on deserts

More, unearthed lands, by humidtation, and sedimentation, leads to, in other parts..

They rise, here, in Numbers..

More excavations, made possible after sedimentation & decomposition of fluids well in solidification states

Satellites catch, and track, all mild and diverse changes in Saharan Desserts, from this second, now, and watch, the development of lake Beneath, this lake is finding the way up, now, to surface, to feed new life, for Camels Only, only for Camels.

Welcome Sheep’s & Goats, now, fresh grass for these cattle’s, as Lake is surfacing up and it’s moisture is making sand, soil like, the water is pure, million years old, I hope it won’t be infiltrated by garbage, which once let it to sink within..

This discovered then..Just 3.5 billion year old, gift from heavens for their wedding on this land, once upon a time, they were here, beauty unfolded where they wished, these Miss Fiction People, are completely, weird, in dreaming, with the power to accomplish beautifully engrossed and ethically embroidered dreams in dreams lands. This is Metroid that came last year near Algerian side of Sharma forest, in imaginary fictional worlds, story.

Old stones, surface, as sands start to soak in, with heat from above, rising water temperatures from below ready to be unearth, to celebrate, their love. Thanksgiving to their most essential essence, the camels, the tigers who run, even in dry barren lands, with no food, no water, tills and night, they don’t even gasp a breath, at times, remembering her in all in their day light dreams and night time duties..forever, her love, camels, I love You So Much Camels, but you don’t for sure, says her Miss FictionQueens

Found this, then, in this order, changes here, Now, reflected…

6 billion year old, rock discovered, then, by volcanoes eruption, in other parts of worlds, it’s already out now, thanks, for sparkling the love, 6 billion year old, to complete some unfinished tasks, in the fictional universe. Now, Earths age determined, to be as as 4.54 billion year old, with all these Scientific proofs. Miss Fiction Says, she is recovering now.

2ECO, a time era found, of Pro Planet, Sun looked dry, why, large clusters came in..

A Proto planet, is a matter, growing to become a planet or a object, developing into a planet, near a Sun or another Star.

This Science Fiction story says, the magma, of new planet was developing at 1200 degrees Celsius, around this Sun, how it was glowing, and sun was drying ?

It took, 10000 years, to cool & solidify,

The Space RIPs

This astronomical body is formed closer to sun, and could had been absorbed by the Sun.


To, be continued in the next section of this Article.


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