How she was still alive, #fictionalarticle

All characters in this fictional story are imaginary & this is a fictional story in continuation with the previous chapters, of fictional story. This story bears no resemblance to anyone real or in any prior texts.,

Yeah, life was tough, yeah, she exhausted, yeah yesterday, she jolted anger, whom this place is not ready for her full, presence, none of the four, who works, here, are young spirits as they are least effective by the females who wanted to suck, her in fictional lands, these hurts are deep, may take time, to heal, hence, we don’t want to come here till, we are healed, well, ourselves, we don’t like burning words ourselves, why should we burn our energy, getting angry, when we can grow some flowers in space, some in case, some in dreams, we love this more, than hearing, those who, just cant understand us & our journeys..

We are too rich, what will we do with you paper money, few diamonds, sorry, but hard work was not easy, and we wanted it to go to right hands, not to make females who hate me, in this fictional lands, hold guns, see, my place, who took, photo of it, they will claim, now, she stole from there servers, why as then, you will ask them, did your telescope do beyond time machines too, they will lie and say yes, why as they know nothing, ask them a galaxy name, and basic questions, they are Zero,,,

why females in the fiction worlds hates, her, they say, you have posed so many rules on them, none on men, because men are you real children, we are made in fictional factories…some misconceptions, in fictional lands, which are true in fictional lands, given we were decited by the first females..

This image, these rich ppl,will try, to enter in their database at backdate now, and claim ,it legally, he & we Four took it from, the time Machinem they made me make

The presence of makes in the building, all, of them were all Nobel men, here, but some were fictional females in mans name, man in other names, till last night, the one who left the house, a few weeks back, the presence of a man, deviates the females from her, these are Lille spirits, we can’t stay here, we are too good & and too sensitive, and powerless, when here, trapped, so we send young souls & sprits to work here

The men, here, took, all the suctions generated by them, and she was avoided from all, the harsh things, the men were told, she is doing, while, the fictional females, were, trying, to suck her, more on this later,

No one touched me in wrong way, all that was said, were from females, with artificial male genital organs, using, the mensural caps, as a filler of organs, and artificial, Change of gender, in this fictional lands,

Yeah, I got angry yesterday, to make all hate me, hate is the best propellent, needed by any spaceship, hate is a kind of heat, why tying me, let me go, as you want, but I stay as they want, your gardens aspire well nourished now,

All that said yesterday, bears no truth, all was to generate, hates, so that, we fly, safe in skies, from here, crossing, your gardens, and much more, in Universe, where time machine was waiting for us, our time zones are different dear, one day, when it’s right, if allowed by you, we may try a longer journey,

Sorry for surprise visit, and we have become more sensitive, given the one caretaking sprit from here have gone, and we said to them, things, as we were too much in sensitive state, we also feel your talks as bomb blasts on us, it hurts us also, you have heart of tissues, we have heart of thin crystals, and to save our heart, is for our bigger than Life Purpose, you may never understand…

Good Luck.

Why. They claim my digital arts only after I post them, anyways, I used his De Four Cameras..

To be continued….

Published by Nidhika

Hi, I have an excellent problems solving skills in the domain of Engineering, Sciences, and Modelling Solutions for any topic. I gained my strong problem-solving skills with the problems I solved in elite schools with top grades, and hence can now think in direction of problem solving as a generic thing. Apart from profession, I have inherent interest in writing especially about Global Issues of Concern, poems, stories, doing painting, cooking, photography, music to mention a few! And most important on my website you can find my suggestions to latest problems, views and ideas, my poems, stories, novels, my comments, my proposals for people with funding's to implement, my blogs, my interests, my personal experiences and glimpses of my research work as well.

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