Just Hold On- When your hopes & dreams are gone, Just Hold On #fictionalmotivation

Category: Fictional Article, all topics in this articles, are fictionally philosophical in nature, these thoughts have no relation to existing motivational philosophies, this is a new way, to develop, motivational thoughts of holding on to, when hopes & dreams lost

Fictional Motivation Article for those who want to believe, for other, who don’t care, still the universe cares, for those who hate, reply is never hate, unless you attack those who try to help, as, they in fictional works love to water each tree, plant & even shrubs, in these gardens, yeah, some time, passed, by without water, for there was no…

Motivational Article

There, are times, when faith, shakers up, but come whatever, one must not loose hope, as the real faith, is unbearable, the real ties you hold, in to divine skies shall never fail, your ties, come whatever, there are times, when, one has to leave loved ones for a while,

But, this journey is not that short, the same leaves bloom again, in trees, once’s spring comes, after the old ones, are gone, for soul never dies, for this birth death process, is a way to rejuvenate the dying body cells, in new body, the soul enter again, the same branch, of the family tress, up there in gardens of Paradise, where you are treasured.

In this garden there is soil, there are beautiful, grasses of lush green color, the soil holds enough waters, to feed the trees, the top most flower in the tree, takes the water seeped from roots at last, but when it rains, the first drop, goes to the top most flowers, the first breeze is to top most flower, but in famine, the, and no rain, topmost flower, waits till all are fed.

So, hold on the top, most flowers of your trees, are there, and when they, the gardener shall come in, then, the water, shall, be on soil, as well, in non rainy days, so hold on,..the Paradise, we build with love, is healing, for they come, tip topping, like staircase, on these paradise,

Believe, it shall, well, & it shall be, the skies are watching it all, the sky’s are recording it all, we are watching it all, day in day out, you like or not, each thought is measured in the gardens, by the garden keepers, the time machines, takes the latest photographs from space & send us, as per need, and urgency basis, and they are much more than just soul, sprits & time machines, say a caretaker of the fictional garden, whose little birds, flowers have come on planets to love, in another form, this is a land of love & beauty, as are all, as they are just made of love & beauty, darkness surrounds them, as well, even they have limits, who, the owners of these gardens, who cares for each flower, as much, as it can, given…

They, may, be juggling in time machines, to know what happened, when they were, displaced,,,but the gardener’s of this garden just knows, how to keep garden green, flowers blooming, birds chirping & all well nourished, these are the fictional soil gardens, from where, a form, is taken by the delicate souls..

So, hold on,…here are her words, direct from The Time Machine he & they ordered 10 years back…

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