Respectfully yours, Thee, Yours …

The Story of a river, Printed on 31st March, 2021,

Respectfully yours, Thee, Yours …

Now tell, how much money you want to release, my Prodigal Sons & their Prodical Wife? Tell…How much more, servants you want, what you do ppl of Earth…She ll take her only, we are givers not stealers,

You guys have money, the welcome was worse than, that at a dustbin rat house, where we are loved, when we go there,
We want to take what is ours, My Prodical boys & Progigal daughter are mistreated here..

Some of my forms, not from Start..

Published by Nidhika

Hi, I have an excellent problems solving skills in the domain of Engineering, Sciences, and Modelling Solutions for any topic. I gained my strong problem-solving skills with the problems I solved in elite schools with top grades, and hence can now think in direction of problem solving as a generic thing. Apart from profession, I have inherent interest in writing especially about Global Issues of Concern, poems, stories, doing painting, cooking, photography, music to mention a few! And most important on my website you can find my suggestions to latest problems, views and ideas, my poems, stories, novels, my comments, my proposals for people with funding's to implement, my blogs, my interests, my personal experiences and glimpses of my research work as well.

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