Life goes on to Essence, A Poem,

At times, we cry, for what if all was love

Then we realise, to accept, there is jealousy too in the world,

I stood up today

Took the oath, to try again, to meet my ends, before the game ends

Who wins, is not the concern, for victory is not just a word

But an attitude, a glory and a mission,

De ride and run to win, should be in harmony

This is but a word

To understand that, this path is filled with roses

Not with nails & thorns, that hurt, no

This is to learn, that destiny is but an answer

To the question you seeked,

That harmony is but a question

To the desire expressed

That desire is but a reflection

Of what you are

That what you are is but the inner calling

The soul, the guiding sprit, and the essence of the ultimate

Which flows freely, towards us,

As we belong to the one essence

And that is love

And that is peace, joy, compassion and all that beauty is meant for

Author- Nidhika Yadav,

Here is my today’s pic, sharing, as one should know, who is behind the curtains of beautiful and painful posts.


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