Controversy about Finland Prime Minister Resignation

The controversy around Finland’s Prime Minister Sanna Marin partying and controversy of Prime Minister Borris Johnson, cutting a cake, can be compared to understand. Both these are different, but the belief and seriousness one needs in a political environment were displayed by PM Borris or by Sanna better ? We all are in problems, problems have not ended, world is entering a kind of slowness, as per news, it is being predicted that bank rates shall be increased, there is an energy crisis, there food security questions, there is drought and forest fires, to mention a few.

Perhaps Sanna is unaware of all this, or that Finland is a highly prosperous nation, which is not affected by anything like neighbour country drought, forest fires in neighbouring nations to excessive rain damage, then you are lucky for sure. But now being a part of leaders of North Atlantic organisation, it is expected to look into the problems of others in the North Atlantic, if not in Global Politics.

Holding an office of this level needs seriousness. This is not a chair, she holds, it is a powerful position. The position is but a way of living rather than a 9 to 5 job. The job of a leader to a country and hence making you world leader is and was never a 9 to 5 job. You may inform people of world as well, what was the good news. These kinds of leaderships are typically a short journey 4 years to maximum 8 years. Leadership is not just a profession, but for a great leader, its absorbed in every cell.

Many women are supporting her, the question is not about dance, but in the way it was done. It was done, it’s not about doing your dance steps, but what and how, I hope I have made my point clear. Rest many women around the world says, had there been a male leader who might have attended a party, then yes PM Borris Johnson, was asked about Christmas cakes. Seem like men cant have party but women can? There was lock down and he accepted his wife gift a cake on his birthday. Here, in Sanna’s case there is no lockdown, but world need help, prayers, from other world leaders, things are really not very rosy, given many problems that are being faced, wild fires, drought, flash flooding, floods, jobs, inflation, to mention a few. There is no lockdown but people are loosing to various factors as explained above. Trees are burning, is this not a problem world leader should tackle?

Leaders are looked up to, are you a good leader, Sanna ?  May be Finland needs a good leader. A leader who perhaps just looks at world news as well, not just local news.  If you have some time, do help other parts of world for drought, food, hunger, floods and like. Its time you stop thinking that you are leader of a nation, to see how others need leaderships of Finland to be in harmony with their needs too.


[1] Leaked videos of Finland’s prime minister dancing spark international controversy – CBS News (

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