Israel-Gaza War. An Eye for an Eye…

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We mourn all lives lost, and our prayers are with those in loss and grief. It’s right to self defense is respected. But..

It’s a famous saying, that, an eye for an eye would make the whole world blind.

The Israel — Gaza war is the most dangerous war in these modern times after the Armenia and Azerbaijan War in the same region just a few weeks back. Armenia and Azerbaijan war led to mass evacuations of Armenia Christians from Azerbaijan to Armenia. But here the people of Gaza can’t even take refuge to some other place? Can they? Not yet, as of now.

Other nations should call for peace talks for Israel and Gaza. Destruction is no solution.

If Israel thinks by bombarding Gaza Strip it would take its revenge, this may go wrong, as the militants may run out to neighboring places such as Lebonan, Syria and so on. Where all shall they find the terror groups ?

Solutions should be found with calm mind.

Yes, Israel was caught and attacked unprepared. But if the damage is to be compared then the initial revenge is far from what it was. Don’t measure pains of each other, No.

How long bombardment on common people would help?

How long should common people suffer the deeds of terrorists ?

One must know difference between common people and terrorists who attacked initially !

The leadership of Israel, Gaza, Lebanon, and likes should meet and discuss the solution, not of destruction.

And for Israel to know that:

  1. They were targets of terror groups not common men and women.
  2. Terror groups may not be where they are attacking in Hamas.
  3. Do anyone know where the terror groups who initially attacked are ?
  4. That whole of Hamas is not filled with terrorist. Is it? Where would terrorist run to ? And would same be done to that place too? Lets find solutions.
  5. That their people may be released from Hamas, if they talk of negotiations.

And for Hamas to know that:

  1. Are all people here terrorists- No, right? Then why ?
  2. They can save their region, and their people, if they hold talks.
  3. That there is no place to hide, so accept the responsibility.
  4. That their people are suffering, is this what they wanted?
  5. That there is humanity in releasing the captives.

Once again — An eye for an eye would make the whole world blind.

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