Do Nikki Haley resembles Kate in The Diplomat on Netflix?? Both not fit for position personalities.

Have you seen “The Diplomat” on Netflix (Link in reference [1] below) ? Well, if you are going to vote and you are an American, then you must watch this series. Kate Wyler was the most unfit person for the position in the series. And somehow Nikki Haley resembles her, in the way she talks I found them the same, apart from looks for sure. Is this story inspired by her ?

And if you do not like politics much — then you can ask someone how was the character Kate Wyler on the Netflix series.

If you watch this series you would know that politics is more than one liners in 4–5 debates or few interviews. It’s about getting work done in long processes of tensed environments to maintaining calm in tough times.

Well, you must see the experience, one-day debate anyone can come and prepare with and speak with confidence. So, see the past works. Ask them of past work related to politics such as tough situations you handled before coming on debates, for an example.

Everyone knows what are the questions that would come up in debate, the same is true for the candidates themselves. Everyone prepares, but the one who is able to speak more gets more votes. This does not fit well. Are you voting for debate competency or political work competencies? There are people who work with dedication all around the year and they are hit out by someone who can win conversations. Is it right? Politics can’t be run in a three-four day debate! Let people who have worked be given the chance to work again as your choice! See the work not the 3–4 days debates! Life and politics is more than 3–4 days of debates.

Saying you would smoke terrorists is not enough, real life is different than one-liners. Politics runs more than ten days of interviews. Choose the one who you have seen to work well, even private companies check background work done by candidates and grill them for around 5-7 rounds of full-day interviews.


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