To Meet Some Extraterrestrial Beings

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Note: This is a purely imaginary story and does not intend to hurt anyone’s feelings. It does not related to any being living or passed away being, any such resemblance is mere a coincidence.

They say not to give up on extraterrestrial life. If so, what do extraterrestrial life look like? Are they typical green-bodied beings or something from fiction movies of Chronicles of Narnia or something more?

Beams, signals, rays, and more were sent in pulsating galaxy in the distant neighborhood of our galaxy.

Astrophysicist Prof Miviky recognized some signals coming out from the horse shaped galaxy.

Prof Miviky said, “Trak these signals”

Prof Miviky’s team recorded the signals.

“How to interpret these Sir?”, asked one of the scientists in his team.

Prof Miviky told his team, “Its year 2061 team. Use AI to match these signals with all kinds of signals on Earth. I mean do an AI search. Take a day or so, and let us discuss this tomorrow.”

The next day, a scientist in the team came to Prof Miviky and said,

“Sir the signals match to both human and horse signals.”

“It’s astounding!”, exclaimed Prof Miviky.

“Ask our team on Moon to record the signals, would it represent the signals of human/horse sound? Please do the needful team.”

AstroRobot Nanena, on moon was asked about the research experiment.

“The answer is yes”, exclaimed Astro Robot Nanena.

“That means there are intelligent horses in that galaxy, that have sophisticated gadgets and machines to talk to us, the humans, the best living creature in the universe,” said Prof Miviky.

“Let’s give some work to Moon, to send out more signals to this HorseWay galaxy. The moon shall be better for sending these messages. Say to them, hello in English, and tell them we are humans,.. rest all I shall email you and the team here and there on Moon.”

“Yes Sir, we will do that.”

Prof Miviky said, “We shall monitor both incoming and outgoing signals from Earth center.”

Well, then, the space station made by robots on the Moon sends out the requested signals towards this galaxy. And they replied back. Robots headed by AstroRobert Nanena performed the work herself. For guidance, she often called in human scientists on Earth.

They received signals.

Prof Miviky told them to map the signals coming from HorseGalaxy to a form humans can understand, for that, they did translation, transformation and some other interpretations.”

Prof Miviky decided to send the good news in media. He says,

“Introducing here the extraterrestrial beings of other kinds horse human, extraterrestrial far away in another galaxy called the HorseWay. They are searching us too ? Are they? Yes! The work is in initial progress and nothing can be fully guaranteed.”

The extraterrestrial in HorseWay galaxy looks like humans with a face of horse. How did AstroRobot Nanena confirmed this? She too received these unaltered signals and confirmed they understood the signals that we send.

The answer is it’s the year 2061, and technology has evolved by now, signals in the Universe can be caught and interpreted by now.

Prof Miviky declared, a trip on superfast asteroid to HorseWay planet of life. “The asteroid would be driven by robots, when needed to change direction they are propelled by fusion power and humans from Earth shall guide the robots using AR/VR.”

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Note: All characters here are fictional and bear no resemblance to anyone alive or who passed away. Any resemblance is a mere coincidence. The story is completely fictional, and imaginary and is for mere reading. The story is not meant to be corelated to any real incidence as this is imaginary story.

Note: Images in the article are made by OpenAI toolkit DALL-E2

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