Rough Sets: Introduction

The amount of information in the world is increasing at a very high rate. With this increases the problem of efficiently and effectively using the abundant information. Rough Set is a mathematical tool to discover patterns hidden in data. It deals with the ”decision” of ”selecting” suitable attributes and objects. There are collections of objectsContinue reading “Rough Sets: Introduction”

Chocolate less — Tasty Brown Sweet Dish–Heart Shaped

1. Put some butter in frying pan-2 serving spoons 2. Let it heat up 3. Put 2 cups of Gram flour in it and fry it till it changes color. Make sure not to burn the mixture. 4. Keep mixing the mixture. Don’t let it stagnant. Make sure not to burn the mixture. Close theContinue reading “Chocolate less — Tasty Brown Sweet Dish–Heart Shaped”

Natural Cheap Sources of Energy & Sewage Disposal are related!

Why do we even need fossil fuels when there are natural sources of energy. These are sources of energies which must be utilized once produced. Tones of sewage, agricultural wastes and animal wastes are produced periodically. Why not enough is being done to treat the sewage and to produced right energies. Well, there are placesContinue reading “Natural Cheap Sources of Energy & Sewage Disposal are related!”


Love is one… Love is same… Ppl are different… Calling is same… It is the god calling… Love feels the same.. Languaguages are different Feelings are same…. We are two halves that make it complete…. For it takes two charges to put on the fire To put on the light…. We r complete together… LoveContinue reading “LOVE HAS ONE LANGUAGE”

To whom I love more than myself

There is not one yet, To whom I love more than myself Call it self love Or self fascination Or any bad thing  you like For the man I loved deceived me You are the one I to whom I loved more than myself ! My crime I was humble and  loving to you LookContinue reading “To whom I love more than myself”

Workplace should accept “hormonal”, “menopausal” women too

This is a short story of Rima. Rima a sincere female at work. There may be lot of women like her – what they call “hormonal” . Yes, she has Pre-Mensural Syndrome too and it effects her work efficiency too. Apart from her efficiency varying on weekly basis. Though she manages the ups and downsContinue reading “Workplace should accept “hormonal”, “menopausal” women too”