Matlab Code for Logistic Regression

% % this is for two class problem for more than two class code changes% % ————-Parameters————-% numIteration =1000; The Number of maximum iterations% % errorBound = 0.0001; This is the permissible error.% The experiments have been done keep in view both the error condition% reached or maximum iteration reached whichever comes first.% % etaContinue reading “Matlab Code for Logistic Regression”

Matlab Linear Regression Sample Code

Three type of datasets have been analyzed for this technique: (1) Linearly separable data(LS) (2) Inseparable data(NLS) (3) Banana data (BD) For a binary classification problem. Split the datasets into 70% training and 30% testing randomly in five folds. This is a old code done as a part of an assignment. Compatibility with newer versionsContinue reading “Matlab Linear Regression Sample Code”

Artificial Intelligence—Myths, Facts! Some Perspectives!

Go Back to Home Page There is lot of news all around us on AI these days. Automated Robots, self-driving cars, game playing using AI, to mention a few. Some would even say— “Data is the new oil and AI the new electricity”.  And some fear about AI taking away jobs. Well myths are thereContinue reading “Artificial Intelligence—Myths, Facts! Some Perspectives!”

Technology and Artificial Intelligence based “Peaceful Expression of Opinion Voices”

Game playing has always fascinated men and women not just children. There are various kinds of games that had been played over the centuries that have passed since human evolution began. Even today stones are used to play games, a popular game with stone I myself played as a kid was called “pittooh” .  NotContinue reading “Technology and Artificial Intelligence based “Peaceful Expression of Opinion Voices””

A computerized- Artificial Intelligence Based- Global Health Care System: A Pandemic Perspective

This article presents a robust computerized – “Artificial Intelligence” based Health Care System, which works on a global level and is efficient in handling global issues such as pandemic, in a unified, co-operative international approach enabled only with help of mutual trust and understanding.   Most health care systems today are efficient and well equipped.Continue reading “A computerized- Artificial Intelligence Based- Global Health Care System: A Pandemic Perspective”

Graph Search Techniques

The graph search techniques in todays scenario be broadly be classified as: Computer Science based Graph Search This class caters to most traditional algorithms of Graph based search which include: a. Depth Firth Search (DFS) b. Breadth First Search (BFS) c. Dijkstra’s Search Algorithm d. Travelling Salesman Problem e. Hybrid–DFS-BFS f. Graph Coloring Algorithms gContinue reading “Graph Search Techniques”