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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence has payed ways for several new discoveries about the same information we had, about the same things we used to do, not only in decision making but also in the way we do things. For example- NLP, Image Processing, Video Processing, Robotics to mention a few ! But AI can never beat humans ! Still it will go a long way in helping to mold our lives for better, that is why we need it !

Here you will find my blogs in the area of AI, CSE, Tech some of my key specializations. Not just applications, some new techniques, some future projections, my views on movies on AI like transformers with augmentations, etc etc… !

Here are latest blogs on AI and its Applications from me !

Deep Learning and AI Based Systems to Detect Climate Calamities Before Occurrence and Raising Alarm When Needed

Fuzzy Rough Set Span based Unsupervised Word Sense Disambiguation

AI & Pandemic

AI-Myths & Facts-Some Perspectives!

Artificial Simulation of Medical Products

Artificial Intelligence based help to scientist developing animal species in labs-Which Should morally be banned

Online Health of Mankind-Online Health Trial – To a machine-read by a machine-not to a human!

Artificial Intelligence based shopping store safety software

Ethical Artificial Intelligence (AI) : Find solutions to avoid problems in AI ! Let them complete the electric bulb- to see clearly  in the darkness of Data !

Choosing the Right New Source of Energy with Help of AI and Computer Simulations: Stop and Think Before Implementing

Can Artificial Intelligence and Scientific Advancements be used to prevent Natural Calamities #climate_change

Can Artificial Intelligence Read Cartoons, Understand the Gestures Correctly or Can AI make as Good Cartoons as a Cartoonist does

Astro-Robot Nanena!

AI based project for Finding Beginning of Virus using AI Simulations

Check Your Recommender Systems- Algorithms–What needs check is Hacking– #FacebookNews

Need for Rise of Ethical Contents. The Reasons. Today’s Facebook News is just an example. Role of AI ?

Languages and its Acoustics impacting Sound Energy effect on Human Brain and Body– Research Needed

Artificial Intelligence with oldest written scriptures-Especially Sanskrit, Lithuanian and combining the old historical scientific knowledge with latest state of art

Climate Change: How to handle the current problems? Solutions of treating gases released from cars and industries. Can AI answer this?

How to tackle — AI is Learning Wrong Languages, Wrong Contents and Impacting Children and Adults

An interesting NLP Word Sense Problem. Can you solve it ? #AI Related to owl-The vehicle of a Goddess And at same time means being fool?

Artificial Intelligence – Genetic Structure of Virus, Location, Other Parameters and Predict the Spike Graph of Spread of Virus and Its Severity

Tech, AI & Peaceful Opinion Expression of voices

  • AI: Sentiment Analysis and Fuzzy Sets based Summarization Technique —- Research based Approach (sample explanation with Python)
  • Some Graphical Comparison of Naive Bayes, Logistic Regression and Linear Regression

    Evolutionary Algorithms based optimization and convergence

    Insight in Code & Results of 2-class Image Recognition

    Support Vector Machine based feature selection using PSO and GA, some research and analysis on popular datasets


    Rough Sets: Introduction

    Linear Groups: Introduction

    Applications of Rough Sets: Discretization

    Previous Research in AI

    Previous research by researchers here

    Humanoid robot. I have some questions.

    AI based sensors for Forest Fires detection and AI based systems for Stopping the Spread

    AI based Robotics -Ethics, Safety and Hackings

    CoronaVirus: AI based toolkits for Corona graph-time predictions. AI IS MORE THAN STATISTICS.

    AI based Application for Individuals Climate Sensitivity Index Computation

    Whistleblower: Fake Accounts can change a Recommender System Outputs

    Whistleblower. Why not parenting be improved and teenagers be taught by mothers how to deal with the things ?

    Sun retains its state, to current, Why Not? With right food in form of hydrogen gas it needs to provided by Man extracted with AI Robots from parts of Universe to it

    The Fuzzy partial LIKE Button – Is Needed ? Or We Should Only Like -Fully ? On Social Media ~ Why not partial likes ?

    5000 Year Old Flying Machine Found in Afghanistan- Why No More Analysis ! AI Digital Twin Simulation and Robotics can Help!

    AI based Robots Teaching in School, Colleges and Universities

    We need White Box AI no more Black Box AI

    Reading Face using Artificial Intelligence – Physiognomy using AI

    The Infinite Classification Task -The Universal Classifier

    Artificial Intelligence based Water Robots; The Aqua Robots — Benefits and needs

    A recent news- AI will hack human brains ! Well Humans are much more than brains, humans have mind and spirits as well. While While AI tools are complex composite computational models which mimics brain problem solving. What will hack human brains is the devises to measure MRI signals of brain not AI.

    Research In Artificial Intelligence

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