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Ni De Verse, From NiDeK@ Works of Art, Science, History, Fictions of kinds here, Author, Painter, Digital Art Specialist, Imagination & De Thinking leader, for any problems, solving, worth our time & choice

Note, all characters here are fictional & completely imaginary, they bear no resemblance to any one in real life here or in any other written texts

Ni De Verse from NiDeK@ Copyrights

Author of science, tech, this website for fictional works, and essential global issues of non fictional chapter as well, Poet, Singer, lover of dances of kinds…

Disclaimer: All art works & stories are created by us, digital and copyrights with us  NiDeKa Verse Cooperations Private Limited associated trademarks #fictionworlds #FictionUniverse
Current Registered owner name: De Nidhika Yadav, with registered, DOB, July 4, 1982.
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