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What’s there in a poem?

Just Because We Can Dream Much More Than What There Is –I, Part 2

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Your Colorful Sky-I , Part 2

Time (Heure)

Weekdays (Woccentags)

This Beautiful Planet, So Little Words to Express


Call me through Stars and Moons


Some words to speak, before the sunset

Love thy self-first – Before loving another

Desire To Succeed

You are as beautiful as your soul is, don’t compare with your human body

Open up the Curtains in your Mind

A little more of this and that

Hope to be cherished!

Oh My Man

Rose – Like a rose we love

Luck by my side

I remove the layer of pain, to let grow newer skin

This is my life –Let me live

Two Girls: Fairy Tales

The Grand Park of Souls

To Fumes I am Melting in Your Love

Tides of Life




Sprit-ology, Soul-ology learned by Bio-logy


Please bring an end to this wait

To Infinity & Beyond!

It is a thought of you..

A sip is all you need

If I am heart you will be my beats

We Met on The Roads Of Hope


Diving in Your Love

Let them fly – Silk

Joys of a Father and Mother Part -1 , Part 2 , Part3, Part 4

Let you be envied, my dear

It Pained Me and You Still Pain me- Not anymore!

Colored Stars Up in Sky – I , Part 2

Love is a feeling-I, Part2 , Part 3 , Part 4

Let Me be Your One Day Queen

Embellish all

Candles of Love

Joys of Your Sun rides

Your Love Is Musical


Being a Father

Shadow onto Me

I Want to Surrender to Your Love, My Man

You Simply Don’t Deserve Me Man

Lightning of your Love

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Food! They say a man loves food but not more than her! So to be another reason for his happiness she cooks!

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Food, recipes and more!

Some of the recipes are here, rest are on recipe page here!

Caution: if you are new to these spices or ingredients please check if it suits you. These are recipes which I use for my personal consumptions.


Milk Cream -Pepper Chicken Curry

Onion-Asafoetida-Ginger Chicken Snacks

Tomato Sole Fish Curry

Pepper Chicken Fry Curry

Yummy Cream Egg Dish

Exotic Unripe Mango Drink. An awesome mocktail!

Fat free delicious chicken for Saturday

In Two minutes-Refreshing Mint-Lemon Cool Drink for Hot Summers

Turmeric Basa Fish Fry-In 10 minutes

Healthy Delicious — Brown Lentil Snacks

Split chickpeas Snacks

Refreshing Sweet-Sour Green Mango and Black-Eyed Bean Salad

Nutritious and delicious Cauliflower Fried Mix!

Sumptuous Brinjal fry …

Cabbage-Carrot Fried Mix–For Diet Conscious Folks–Less carbohydrates more vegetables

Chocolate less — Tasty Brown Sweet Dish–Heart Shaped

Fast Simple Tasty Way To eat Brinjal

Quick Monday Breakfast -Boiled Eggs With Spices & Black Pepper, Fresh Coriander Leaves, Oregano

Nutritious Dehusked Mung Beans With Potatoes- Proteins with Carbohydrates

Ripe Yellow Mango and Fresh Mint Iced Drink

Apple-Mint Drink- Weekday Refresher In Hot Summers – In 4 Steps

Spicy Vegetable Rice in 10 minutes

Green Unripe Mango-Ginger-Lemon-Mint ——-Chilled Drink–To beat the Heat —In 10 minutes Only

Way to Eat Cauliflower as Quick Fried Snacks

Rice with Curd Tempering

Simple and Quick, Basa Tomato Fish Curry- 10 minutes in 4 Simple Steps

Spicy Potatoes Fries- Why Always French Fries? Simple, Easy, Quick and Tasty with NO SALT!

Spicy Potatoes Fries- Why Always French Fries? Simple, Easy, Quick and Tasty with NO SALT!

Red Chili-Garlic Paste At Home- To wake up the senses on a lazier day

Trying new kind of Eggy Pizza Crust- A different Pizza crust-Using Eggs and Gram Flour—Something new to try on a Sunday~~

Creamy Green Spicy Vegetable Mix

Spicy Tasty Ladyfinger in 8 minutes – Green Veggies Are Good- And Try It, It is Yum As Well !

Eggy Pasta

Fresh Onion-Coriander-Garlic Bread Delicious and Fragrant

Rose Mint Drink in 2 minutes- Why Should Men have all fun with darker drinks?

Green Peas Vegetable Mix- In 10 minutes and Spicy

Pasta Omelette

Cooling Diluted-Curd Mint Drink

Taro Root Cutlets for Burgers, Buns, Or as it is—-Enjoy It hot -Why always potato cutlet?

Chocolate-Banana Mint flavored Smoothie

Bean in Tomatoes Soup or Tomato Soup with Bean

Veggie-Kidney Beans Cutlets for Burgers

Cauliflower Omelette/Scrambles- 5 minutes Only- And It Is Delicious. Cauliflower never tasted this good

My blogs, novels, short stories, paintings, photography

Photo by Nidhika

Blogs on Life, Earth….

Blogs On This Webpage

Climate Change and Temporary Measures for Preservations

Architecture Must Include Designing and Beautifying Water Bodies

Extracting Salt free water from Sea easier or using Green Rubber Pipes to Take Water from Sea to Mainland’s

Imagination is A Broad Art: Why is it needed and so much valued ?

History- prior to 5000 BC ! Well Written and Kept Intact even now??? Why are the manuscripts, history, dating several millennium back- IMPORTANT!

Happy Earths Day- Let NATURE BE NATURAL , Let Earth BE MORE Natural !

Workplace should accept “hormonal”, “menopausal” women too

Natural Cheap Sources of Energy & Sewage Disposal are related!

Wildfires, cloud bursts: What else can be done to protect environment? #Save Green Environment

Do We Need A Child’s Resume In Job Market?

Story Telling based Learning for Kids, Up to which age groups ? Think !

Artificial Backwaters as a natural source of regular water supplies for human use and flora and fauna, apart from other beneficial uses.

Who Determines the Work and Life Speed at Which People on Planet Earth Are Running Day and Night? Can I Have A Break? Can I Own My Speed?

Should search strings and form data in search engines and internet be End to End Encrypted ? #privacy

Can Artificial Intelligence and Scientific Advancements be used to prevent Natural Calamities #climate_change

Artificial Intelligence based store safety or surveillance


  1. Here are Paintings, Sketches by Me ..Some Creativity!
  2. Sketch II: Theme– Colored Princess -Fairy Tales
  3. Colors
  4. Fairy Tales, colored clouds, colored rain, colored water, colored plant
  5. She had colored eyes
  6. The shaded blue princess
  7. She had colored lips
  8. Colored leaf, colorful flowers, colored trees, fairy tales can be better?
  9. The colored princess short FAIRY TALE book is on Kindle Now.
  10. Love Story, here is Myra and Sahhtam in love. (painting)
  11. Painting : Myra from Novel Grand Park!
  12. This is HER
  13. Painting: Love of him and her
  14. The Colored Worlds-Paintings

Published and Upcoming Novels

  1. Evolution of The Grand Park of the living stars
  2. Colored Princess: Fairy Tales
  3. Stories— Here, are some of the short and lengthy stories I wrote. Some fairy tales & some fiction too!


  1. My Photography Clicks here

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