My Songs

Here are my songs in my voice from my books

I con-con-con Confess to you My Love My & My

Request you Judge this perhaps I started to sing after a long time recently Wish UR kind self 2 Weigh Me with UR Humble Heart Request


I confess to U

Forgive me

4 the sins of hurting you

Forgive Me

My Voice here

I Con Con Confess To You My Love by Nidhika Yadav: Listen on Audiomack

Happy Remarkable Day, Happy Birthday My Loves My & My Mine

My Books are available online.

My first book, first poem, Rose

It’s a thought of you

Book Pains, 3rd Song “pains”

To infinite and beyond

Call me through Stars and Moons

Fumes, from your love melting

Book Pains, Song 6, Your Love was Malevolence

LoveBook 5, song 1. Shaken by your Love

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