Natural Language Processing (NLP)

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Natural Language Processing or NLP, as it is more popularly known as, is a sub-field of Artificial Intelligence. The research and advances made in this field has reached the extent that it is itself a subject on its own. Acronym: NLP. Yes, it has become a subject of its own! I shall be dealing with most of the popular topics of NLP in under this title. The following are my specializations, for you to follow on!!

  1. NLP Applications (in a broader context)
  2. Sentiment Analysis
  3. Search Techniques
  4. Text Summarization
  5. Information Retrieval
  6. Text Classification
  7. Keyword Extraction
  8. Research
  9. Blogs
  10. Applications


Question Answering System using Semantic Thesaurus – Wordnet and Wikipedia

Deep Learning Based Sentiment Analysis using Ensembles (Short Review)

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