Just Because We Can Dream Much More Than What There Is – Part 2

Just because there are more flowers in sky than on earth

We gift flowers

Just because there is more in joy than in sorrow

We smile


Just because there is more in heavens than in hell

We go to heavens

Just because there are more dreams than can be fulfilled

We dream more to enjoy them more


Just because we love stars more than sun

We have candle light dinners


Just because there were more bees than flowers in a garden

We have more sweet honey than paper money


Just because sugar is sweet doesn’t mean we can’t talk sweet

We can


Just because time never stops means we can’t rest,

We can


Just because there is more in our soul than we can think

We aspire more


Just because our spirits are high

We never give up

Just because we are stars

We shine bright


Just because we are here

We love to do most of what can be possible

Wildfires, cloud bursts: What else can be done to protect environment? #Save Green Environment

So many trees burning, it hurts to see life in any form burn. It heats our bodies by the heat so produced. On many places on Earth the clouds are bursting. These two issues land to same problem- climate change and how to live with it, till it is in control.

Firstly, what else should be done for wild fires till processed / natural water from seas reach all the forests, dry, hot, needy places on globe? Today it is there, tomorrow it can be in your place too!  What can we all do to help climate? Well, it is a joint team work of:

  1. Forest Sciences Experts
  2. Climatologist Experts
  3. Landscape Architects Experts, and
  4. Water Systems Experts

And this is for experts across globe should sit and plan in their forests. As who knows which forest is next to burn?

The heat is here, climate change is here. How can we stop trees, a natural resource of Earth burn like this? How? And it effects so many animals, birds and even humans too. Extreme climates are not good for health and body of any living being on Earth.

Well, the stake holders in various countries should plan the following steps.

  1. Calculate green forest area. And aim is to retain forest area inch by inch as forest area only. Only thing needed is some segment creation, to stop fires from crossing segments with the help of separation by natural fresh green plants, grasses and herbs of the same region. The fire should not pass on fire to next segment.
  2. I think one needs to put natural dividers in forests. A natural divider is defined as a nature-filled space between two natural entities. This space can be an empty land, a grassed land, a place to grow herbs and flowers of forests, to keep the forest as a forest and at the same time making sure the fire does not spread to other parts, in case one emerges in a segment of forest. The natural dividers won’t stop animals in forests from crossing from one segment to another and flora, fauna of the soil shall flourish at same rate.
  3. Digging of water drainage systems, to be a natural divider, and at same time, help in draining extra water from cloud bursts, floods and other natural calamities. In peaceful time this digged canal can be used as the supplier of water in forests and in hot times can help regulate weather of the area, by controlling the water content of the space.
  4. This will make it accountable the number of trees in forests, kind of wildlife, the age of tree apart from other things. Other things include, the flourishing ability of forests. What is a flourishing forest? A forest that is able to meet its flora and fauna of all kinds is a flourished forest. What happens is sometime a weed over grows and if not helped a useful herb may get extinct. This herb may be a food to a bird or a delicious thing for a deer in the forest. One needs to keep a check on all these things as a forest scientist. Why this is mentioned here, is while planning the forest monitoring rooms in the dividers one must keep this point in mind too.
  5. Why landscape architects and water system experts are needed, as plan for future, not just a quick fix. For certain forest officials shall be on duty at times for checking forest flora and fauna balance. Their route to forests, and invigilation things must be thought of. How and where?
  6. Climatologist need to help exterior architects and water system experts to plan, the full process of climate-based studies, how evaporation happens, how to control the moisture levels in forests. As it is heat today, tomorrow it may be snow, and one need to protect forest from excess water and snow, flooding, proper system and drainage have to be installed in planned segments from a futuristic viewpoint.

Plan for future, when we all know climate change is here.

The task of experts:

  1. To decide the area of forest that shall come in one natural divider.
  2. The area that shall be in monitoring rooms in these dividers, to track  tree, small plants that gets covered up by bigger ones, their safety and animal.
  3. This shall also take care of forest wood stealing as well as animal safety from poachers.
  4. The key aim is to save forest from fires and retaining the specialties of that land, be it animals, plants, tree or birds.

To answer this one must also look at which are the hottest places on Earth and what measure they do to avoid wildfires and take help from them.

Now, flash floods and cloud bursts, same logic applies to them to, but in cities, we shall have segments of living areas separated by dividers which can handle excess water and help in drainage of these systems. These should be included in city plans and landscape architects should sit with climatologists for the same. As the experts need to talk out how to control all this and create a balance. This would save lot of loses caused by flooding by these causes. Water exit points should be made, as I referred to in previous blogs.

Extracting Salt free water from Sea easier or using Green Rubber Pipes to Take Water from Sea to Mainland’s

What is easier “Extracting Salt free water from Sea easier or using Green Rubber Pipes to Take Water from Sea to Mainland’s. In this article we discuss both.

  1. Extracting Salt free water from Sea to Mainland’s
  2. Green Rubber Pipes to Take Water from Sea to Mainland’s

I. Extracting Salt free water from Sea to Mainland’s

What happens if we heat salty water to become steam? The salt separates from steam. Right?! This is the process of creating salt in open areas too. So, can we create a cheap source of way to create sweet water from salty sea water? I am just asking climatologists!

My answer is simple and chemical free technique. Can an expert in this field take this up for experimentation for large scale production of drinking and consumable water?

My Idea: Can we set up green house made of glass and flow in water in it. Let the natural sun light heat or may be mild heaters, for the time being heat it.  Much of the water shall rise up and become steam. It should move up to the pipe on top of the glass house and go to a dark room where it shall melt to become water.  This water is free from salts and can be connected to existing pipelines and send to open gardens in huge amounts to make air-water-humidity ratio wellin balance.

II. Green Rubber Pipes to Take Water from Sea to Mainland’s

If it is too difficult for one to heat water to separate salt from water in huge amount. I ask- What cost more- “producing natural rubber pipes to transfer water to main lands from sea?” or “to deal with environment issues and other concerns on life of species of all kinds —  arising from excess heat ?”  Yes, salty water may change the ph. value of soil. So it can be put in concreate areas to be evaporate naturally or in sprinklers in all places of life. And some sprinklers at random locations in forests to keep patches forests trees wet and this would naturally break the chain of fire by over heat. Ideally, the water should be sprinkled over all natural wild life areas.

Rubber is produced as a natural product and should be used in place of plastic as much as it can be. Grow more rubber—from this sea water only. So, now the question comes, how to check for ph. Of soil, well animal and plant wastes of daily concerns are natural fertilizers and can help retain ph. value of soil amidst salt presence in water too. I cant claim it would happen so or not, all I can say is from basis of history. History, that salty underground water had been used since years for irrigation in agriculture and animal and plant waste had been used as manures since times. A research should start in this area. And no need to invest highly in water sprinklers, use natural bamboo like things to help you—aim is just to keep woods wet and wildlife happy!

Is it right to take these huge amounts of water from sea’s and oceans to main lands? I say yes, firstly, water levels are increasing and secondly as these waters would be evaporated by high heats and go back to sea, rivers and lakes. Apart from cooling the surfaces, and making balance of water vapor’s in dry air, it would help keep lands and trees wet. Hence avoiding huge environment and other crisis that occur due to burning of forests. Climate change is here, these steps must be taken by all countries and all Forest Services Officials around the globe should work on this. This is not a country issue but a global issue, as any dis-balance in any part of Earth can cause effects that complements in other parts. Lets unite to fight climate change.  

Colored Stars Up in Sky-Part 2

Stars up beyond these skies

Like shimmer they shine

Through dusty nights

Where can one find a blue star

In utopia for sure there shall be purple star


To count the countless stars

Can thy be counted in numbers so brief

Oh yes,

Let’s try it then


One fine day

I bet

One fine night

I shall count more than you

Stars that shine up in skies

Brighter than light

Farther than Sun

Still so amazing

How many silver

How many golden


Colored Stars are up there in sky

Like beam they radiate

Even in full moon night

Like mild gleam they glow

Through clouds in sky


Oh, colored stars,

Up there in heavens

They shine white as from here

Up in paradise

They are glamourous bodied

High on  fascination

As ever in thy imaginations


Which one is pink

Which is yellow

Oh Just silver

Shines all nights

Golden is seen all in day

Thy call is Sun

Where else can thy see

Colored stars up in skies

But in the ether of paradise

Way to Eat Cauliflower as Quick Fried Snacks





Step 1. Put gram flour in a bowl — 3 serving spoons, put water in it to make it flexible enough to mix and wrap cauliflower in it.

Step 2. Cut cauliflower in this viscous gram flour. Put half spoon salt and red chili.

Step 3. Heat oil in pan.

Step 4. Put the pieces covered with gram flour in pan.

Step 5. Turn sides till-both sides golden brown.

Crispy brown snacks ready– eat with sauce!

Joys of a Father and Mother – Part 4

Till you become adult

All they thought

Was you

All they did was diverted by your choice

Your directions

Even the destinations

Not just Weekends

Not just work-offs

You, The adult


They, The father and mother

Still they smile

Back and forth

They wish the best

They is restlessly work

And pray day and night

For the child’s better successes


They, The father and mother

The joys they got

Are still cherished

And replenished with your thought

Day and night

You fill up their hearts

Whether child come to meet often or not

Whether or not they call them back

They remembers them so well

Never to forget

All in your memories as afresh as anew

As beautiful as cherishing


It renews them every day

Even if you don’t call

They live in these thoughts

Of a life well lived by for you

To be what you are

Each night before sleep

It’s you on their mind

You, Still the child

Still, their child

Green Unripe Mango-Ginger-Lemon-Mint ——-Chilled Drink–To beat the Heat —In 10 minutes Only

All you need is : One green unripe mango, 2 small lemons, one handful of fresh green mint leaves, an one cubic inch of ginger.

It maxes 6 glasses of drink. Note, not everyone can digest green unripe mango, which is uncooked– test well before using regularly!

Sugar can be added if you like it. I had it without sugar! See if this unique taste suits you!

Step 1. Collect and clean ingredients:

One green unripe mango, 2 small lemons, one handful of fresh green mint leaves, an one cubic inch of ginger. Here it is for viewing.

Step 2. Peel the green unripe mango.

Step 3. Cut ginger and mango in large pieces.

Step 4. Put cut things-ginger, unripe mango and mint in mixture grinder. Also squeeze the 2 lemons in mixture-grinder.

Step 5. Add half spoon of rock salt-use normal salt if rock salt not available.

Mix it — till you get mixture-mine was ready in less than 30 seconds.

Step 6. Pour the mixture in glass– around 5 spoon in each glass- And add chilled water in it. Mix with spoon. Drink is ready.

Note: If guests at home, mix some sugar- 4 spoons to mixture–as well in grinder. And pour it with sieve to remove fibbers. I didn’t removed fibers, it tastes well to get small fibers in mouth. But you can remove it for added tastes. The recipe is for 6 glasses of this drink. See if raw green mango suits you—As last time I told you to cook it in pressure cooker–to taste completely different. Have a great day!

Joys of a Father and Mother – Part 3

They, The parents

The pains they took

Not one year

Not two

But so many years

While you grew

You, The child


The uncounted joys they got

When they saw you stand up the cradle

When you walked for first time

When you did all the next time

You, The child


They, The father and mother

The pains they took

Not for hours

Not for seconds

But for days

And so many awaken nights

You, The teens


The joys they got

With your growth

With your new love life’s

With your crazy new desires

With your absurd fashion styles

They, the Ma and Pa

Philosophical Ethics and Its Application to AI-Article Review

This article is a brief discussion about this “Concepts of Ethics and Their Application to AI”  the chapter-3 of book by Stahl, B. C. [1]

The author Stahl [1] have presented in this chapter of his book “Artificial Intelligence for a Better Future: An Ecosystem Perspective on the Ethics of AI and Emerging Digital Technologies” various issues pertaining to ethics.

The key points which I considered were important in this book chapter are as follows:

  1. Ethics is an old discussion based subject, which had several diversions in depth of understandings. AI ethics on other hand is growing subject still in nascent stages
  2. AI Ethics has to do with right or wrong- But no one definition fits it all
  3. It needs to be unified, but as per research and documentation by author [1], biomedical ethics which are one of the  foundation stone for AI. And biomedical ethics have not fully succeeded in its missions. One reason being global acceptance.
  4. Background of ethical history of philosophy have been laid in this chapter. Summarized as:
    1. Consequentialism Ethics: It deals and views things from point of view of consequences.
    2. Deontology Ethics: Agent is responsible for maintaining ethics.
    3. Virtue Ethics. Virtue is an important ingredient to lives of mankind.
  5. One of the main topic author [1] have covered in depth in chapter is — AI for flourishing means AI used for the purpose of human growth, prosperity.
  6. Why all the background of photophysical details in Ethics for AI. As author wants to lay emphasis  on the use of already written and researched area of philosophy.
  7. Profits: AI has potential to increase business earning in next decade [1].
  8. Social control. If not handled well, AI can lead to social control, meaning wherein humans are controlled and monitored by machines. A task which is not ethical from any point of studies in ethics.
  9. Responsible Artificial Intelligence, where in humans developing and using AI considers the ethics of AI before taking any major or minor acts.
  10. Term nudging is defined in chapter—by which AI can influence humans with a slight insight in their lives.
  11. The chapter concludes with Responsible Research And Innovation (RRI). The meaning is evident form the phrase RRI, wherein private entities and governments monitor the research activities and components of ethics in it. No research with harms mankind should be fostered.


[1] Stahl, B. C. (2021). “Concepts of Ethics and Their Application to AIArtificial Intelligence for a Better Future: An Ecosystem Perspective on the Ethics of AI and Emerging Digital Technologies (p. 124). Springer Nature.

Turmeric Basa Fish Fry-In 10 minutes

All you need–Salt, turmeric, oil and fish—-THAT IS IT!

Step 1. Take ONE fish – Basa- Its very soft-Wash it and cut it in pieces of size and design you want on serving plate. I made rectangles- You can try any design–Be creative!

Step 2. Put 2 spoon of turmeric and 3/4th spoon of salt. Cover the fish in vessel with this mixture. Let it be like this for 10 minutes.

Step 3. Heat oil–refined oil- 4 serving spoons to make fish dip in the frying pan oil.

Step 4. Put the fish covered in turmeric and salt in a wrap of refined flour (optionally) for one second and put it in the frying pan

Step 5. Change sides, till is is golden and shining ready to be served.

Step 6. Serve it hot. It is delicious!