Entertainment is a source of Energy too!

Ever thought ?

How entertainment is a source of energy ? How I cant prove mathematically here– May be someday when I get time– I can try !

But — You can do a survey on it—–

When you watch entertain things, or read them, be it a cartoon made by a cartoonist, or read a joke ..

There is change in your energy levels.

How it happens——–Don’t worry about photosynthesis process in leaf of tree !

Count the fruits given by the trees.

Test it– You will know

And do ask the entertainer—- has she/he depleted of energy that you just got abundant of—–

As per Physics-“energy is neither created nor destroyed, it can be changed from one form to another” — So it was in you–

Do check your weight after the BIG LAUGH THEN!

Joys of a Father and Mother -II

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They, The father and mother

The joy they got

When they saw the small cute face

The little fingers

And tiny hands

You, The baby


They, The father and mother

The pains they took

Not for  

Not for just care

But for all the time

You were over their minds

You, The kid


They, The father and mother

The joy they got

When she heard the word Ma, Pa

All pains went away

When you cry just to be in their arms

When you hugged them

You, The kid

Perspectives on Artificial Intelligence- Book Chapter Review

This is a brief discussion about this “Perspectives on Artificial Intelligence”  the chapter-2 of book by Stahl, B. C. [1]

It lays emphasis on the following things from ethical point of view:

  1. Characterization of AI as
    1. narrow AI,
    2. general AI and
    3. the mixed systems, which use combinations of things
  • Secondly, each of the three above dimensions are described in details.
  • Narrow AI [1]

The term is used for machine learning based algorithms. Broad seven categories of AI based research had been presented. The follow three points have been presented by authors [1] for ethical analysis

  1. The author states the mechanism and processing’s performed are not transparent.
  2. Further, some amount of non-predictivity is present due to presence of point 1 above.
  3. Finally, huge amount of training data is required as well.
  • General AI [1]

Also  known as “good old-fashioned AI” (GOFAI) [1] was based on fact that real world entities can be represented as objects based on AI, which could be used to solve problems just the same way as humans. And we all know we are not there yet. However, 65 years since its inception [1] not much progress has been made. The author attributes it to fact that only symbols can’t represent complete problems. As per author [1] general AI cannot cause ethical issues, since it is not developed in full-fledged composure. While at the same time science fictions have general AI use to abundance and discuss its ethics too.  This includes the Terminator and Space Odyssey movies.

These pays emphasis of ethics talks in AI.

  • Socio-Technical Systems [1]

These are systems that combine both above designs, to the best possible to solve some social problem. Ethical issues in this aspect are as follows [1]: (i) The computer system becomes self operating (ii) The computer guides as per its algorithms to human hence changing human decisions and (iii) these things impacts the society on large.


[1] Stahl, B. C. (2021). “Perspectives on Artificial IntelligenceArtificial Intelligence for a Better Future: An Ecosystem Perspective on the Ethics of AI and Emerging Digital Technologies (p. 124). Springer Nature.

AI: Can Artificial Intelligence Read Cartoons, Understand the Gestures Correctly

Can Artificial Intelligence Read Cartoons, Understand the Gestures Correctly or Can AI make as Good Cartoons as a Cartoonist does ?

This is a small question. Answer to this is Not Fully! Yes there are advances made in image processing and natural language processing, sarcasm detection. But reading and comprehending a cartoon requires a lot more.

Why-You may need to know. The following are reasons:

  1. Image reading-deciding whether it is a text or not ?
  2. Extracting natural language texts from it – in order!
  3. Assigning text to entities
  4. Comprehending the sarcasm and joke in it——-
  5. Using real world knowledge
  6. understanding cartoons gestures too !

So even if some work is doable- Machines can not make you laugh the same way as human cartoonist do!

Milk Cream -Pepper Chicken Curry

Here is a sumptuous chicken curry to be taken with any bread at dinner.

All you need is: (1) chicken (2) Fresh Milk Cream (3) Black Pepper (4) Salt and (5) 2 onions

That is it!

Step 1. Wash chicken and heat it in a pan.

Step 2. In this time chop onions- I took 2 onions minced in small pieces.

Step 3. Put 4 table spoon of refined oil in frying pan. Heat the oil in frying pan, put black pepper in heated oil. I put both — grinded black pepper powder and raw balck pepper balls.

Put the chopped onions in it. And try it, till it changes color and chicken to this pan.

Step 4. Put chicken and water in which it was heating in frying pan.

It saves time — as while you are busy chopping and doing things, chicken was being heated in water in separate jar.

Step 5. Wait for chicken to be soft enough to eat- as per your likings, mine was ready in 10 minutes—it had leg pieces and some boneless things too!

Step 6. Once chicken is ready with the softness you require, add fresh milk cream to the frying pan. [2-4 serving spoons, taste in between the curry, and thickness you like]

Step 7. Mix well, heat for 2-3 minutes, add some salt-as per taste. Dish is ready in 15 minutes in total!

This is how it looks in pan–super delicious it was! Put some milk cream on top for decoration :-)!

Why so less of Wooden Toys

Yes, you read right. Ease of manufacturing, processing and even decorating – have led us to use plastics more commonly than wooden toys. Why not toys made from wood- Why no? As it needs lot of labor- it cant be just put in a mold and given a shape by a robotic machine.

Wooden toys need human precision and human touch to give finishing. All toys that are made in plastic can be made in wooden base too. But who will hire double the number of people, when one machines and two humans can do it all ?? Is this the reason ?

Playing with wooden toys have its own joy, I remember playing with wooden carom board. But all my dolls were of plastic only. Cant dolls be made of wood ?

Wont it give so many artists a new source of joy and living ? And simultaneously give nature a free and pain free gasp of air ? But the question is who will start it.

It needs investment in man powers not automated machinery to make a toy in robotic fashion. Yes one day we can have machines to make accurate toys from wood. For sure, but it is a transition, and may take some days if not decades! Have a nice day!

Your Colorful Sky-I

Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger on Pexels.com
Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger on Pexels.com
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The blue sky up there

Gives you so much strength

All through the long days

And through the dreaming nights


The blue sky

Stands like a rock

Right up there

Protects you from all the things

Beyond the direct reach


The magenta clouds shining

Below the magenta and bluish sky

Express the ardour

The love and joy

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Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger on Pexels.com
Photo by Lachlan Ross on Pexels.com

Refreshing Sweet-Sour Green Mango and Black-Eyed Bean Salad

Black-Eyed Bean cooks fast as compared to other beans!

You can use yellow mango too— ! I made my green mango ripe for it to give both sweet and sour taste. Have a great feast!

Step 1. Take one bowl of black-eyed beans, clean them and with 1.5 bowl water heat it in a pressure cooker for 10-15 minutes on slow gas—Around 5-6 whistles of cooker.

Step 2. Take 2 green mango, which are soft. It gives a mixed taste —Neither sour nor sweet. Its juicy, not hard–and sweet and sour both! A green mango can be kept in fridge for few days to make it sour and sweet, for you to taste it more!

Step 3. Peel these two mangoes, green cover. See how ripe they are and still somewhat sour. I kept it in fridge for 7 days.

Step 4. Mince or grind or cut in very small pieces. Mincing is better as it mashes up with beans giving juicy, delicious taste.

Step 5. Check if steam of pressure cooker is out take the black-eyed bean.

Step 6. Take it out in plate. The water should be mostly absorbed by heating. If not heat a little more to get the water absorbed.

Step 7. Put the minced mangos on top of it and mix well.

Step 8. Chop one onion and add it to the mixture in plate.

Step 9. Mix well, add black pepper, salt, oregano to it, mix it.

And it is ready to eat–Juice -Sweet and Sour beans with onions ! You can add more vegetables as per likings! I kept it simple!