Luck by my side

Good deeds

Leads to the highest form of life

The human form

Which we are in,

It is said so in by word of mouth

But why not make best use

Of the deeds and form

We are in

Luck is by my side

When I realize this

And know the meaning

Of enjoying my deeds

Luck is my my side

When I listen to myself

For what I want to be

Where I want to go

From where I came

To where I shall head

To all that I can do

For this is a chance

As it is said

In epics, as old as history

Some paintings that I wanted to draw

Some flute I want to play

Some more work, much more play

Work, Work , work

Then little play…

Play, play and play

Then much harder work

It goes like this

As it is said


is by

my side

Luck by my side

When I ask myself my wish

When I work hard for what I want

Every time aspiring more and more

Doing all to get my desires

Aspiring highrer and higher

For my desires

Not just work

But leisure too

From color to kites

Whatever I want

Not just profession

To mountains and riversides

And all I want to spend time

Be it fish or salad

Or may it be football

That I want to play on a leisure day

Luck is by my side

That will find me time

To do all that I want

Not just office !

But but some penning down too

Some paintings that I wanted to draw

Some flute I want to play

Some more work, much more play

Work, Work , work

Then a little play…

Play, play and play

Then much harder work

It goes like this

As it is said

Luck is my side

When I listen to myself

For what I want to be

Where I want to go

From where I came

To where I shall head

To all that I can do

For this is a chance

As it is said

In epics, as old as history

Good deeds

Leads to the highest form of life

The human form

Which we are in,

It is said so in by word of mouth

But why not make a best use

Of the deeds and form

We are in

Luck is by my side

When I realize this

And know the meaning

Of enjoying my deeds

Love thy self-first – Before loving another

Love is a feeling

Only when reciprocated

Else it is nothing but a dream

Love thy self-first

Before loving another

It is a power

When appreciated

Else it is a chuck of wasted energy

Appreciate your self more than others

Love is magic

When two sided

Else it is worse than being selfish

Think of you as the best creation

You ever met

It is a joke

When insulted

Again and again ! You in same condition!

Get up learn,

Learn, to be complimented and praised

Stop loving them

Who don’t care for it

Who use you

In their bad times

And forget you in their good hours

Care for yourself in bad times

For self care is automatic in the golden days

Love is everything

Only when respected

Else keep it to yourself

The power to love another

Who don’t deserve to be adored

And those who give you a tear

You are not meant to cry

Just to smile, live life the way you like

Still we love

For we are made from soil of love

But this time

Lessons well learned

Theories much understood

With others practical knowledge

Say them good bye

And love thy self first

Before loving another

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This is my life – Let me live it my way

This is my life

I want to live it my way

I want to live for my desires

Desires of me and my love

Not yours

Let me live it my way

If you like something

Follow yourselves

I am here to love life

Live life

As per my choice

To dance when I desire

To sing when I want in my time

This time is mine, life is mine

Let me live it my way

Can I have a chance

To live as per me

My life

My dreams

My likings

Not yours

You were given chance

To live Yours

To dream Your

To plan your life

This is my life

I want it my way

Let me live it my way

My desires

My dreams

This is mine

This is my choice

Let me live it my way

Can Artificial Intelligence and Scientific Advancements be used to prevent Natural Calamities #climate_change

Well, we are living in the times of advanced scientific developments. But have we used the lessons learned good enough? Climate change is here, cyclones, flash flooding, earthquakes, tornadoes, droughts, soil erosions and so on! Yes, man was responsible was a lot of climate change conditions but we have to face it all. Face the fact that we are facing it. So, while on one side the joint efforts have started to reduce emissions. Here, other techniques have been presented for a greener and healthier way for handling climatic severity till an equilibrium is reached on Earth again.

  1. Above Surface

Artificial Intelligence can be used to predict where on Earth low pressure areas are being created. Can solar panels, mirrors and thermal energy be used to reduce the area of impact viz. controlling and maintaining severe low pressures at crucial places. Seem like too far. But we have think of solution, as lot of money is wasted in building and rebuilding infrastructures after calamities. Question is how can we stop severe low-pressure areas and creating low pressure areas in the area of need, making rains in the places which are needful. We have to think of it, as if we don’t think, how will we achieve it. It has to be thought! Once we start thinking we will find some solution, if not this something else.

2. On Surface

Erosion, plastics, chemicals are some of the few things making it difficult to save Earth surface to right composure as was before. Once again, I say sewage treated under pressure can be a good fertilizer for soils. And apart from that – artificial rivers, tributaries, canals and water channels to be made form river, backwaters and other well-supplied water bodies to cater for water demands of man, animals and soils.

3. Below surface

Well over mining is not good. But coal is one of the biggest sources of energies till now, until it is replaced by bio-gasses and bio-wastes and other forms of natural green energies. An equilibrium should be maintained for below earth imbalance too, this I shall write in depth in another article.

Should search strings and form data in search engines and internet be End to End Encrypted ? #privacy

If we talk of privacy, then search string encryption plays a vital role too.  When other essential information on internet is encrypted then why search strings have not been encrypted. I suggest a local client-side encryption model to be implemented in any search engine, or even in essential forms we use over the internet. Lot of personal data goes into cookies which can be read by other software’s. Once the search strings are encrypted inter software -information sharing- shall be made quite minimal. And at the same time, it provides for privacy over the concerns that the search string is visible in the URL. How the URL visibility can affect us? Well, the URL goes to several routers before it finds it target destination making our personal choices in exposure to several privacy concerns.   Two-way encryption should be used. Private and Public keys should be kept different for all client applications. How it can help is routers too get a lot of data and hackers are more susceptible to know personal choices, which belong to an individual. Further, the search engines store the search history once it is encrypted, it should be decrypted only on local machines to view history logs by that software client application.

Healthy Delicious — Brown Lentil Snacks


1.Take 1.5 bowl of brown lentils and wash it in water. Keep it soaked in water for around 15 minutes.

2.Chop onion into small fragments.

3. Heat 2 spoon of oil in a frying pan/

4. Put chopped onions in pan once oil is heated.

5. Let onions change it color and then put the washed lentils with the water it is soaked it.

6. Take a ginger and mince it over in the pan.

Add spices as per taste including salt, chilli, pepper and mix it well

7. Take 2 tomatoes and grind it in a mixture-grinder. Once done mix it in the pan.

8. Heat the pan till the lentils become soft-15 minutes should be fine.

9. Dry excess water by heating only.

10. Its ready to eat, serve hot for best taste.

Serve hot for best taste.

Spirit-ology, Soul-ology learned by Bio-logy

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Oh my my

I have targets, which need to be done

Tells my biological body

But my soul, knows no boundaries,

Boundaries, which are set by human body

The biological clock works with Earthly desires

But I, a spirit in a soul have worldly dreams

My worlds are far off in skies,

My worldly wishes,

Set in my stars!

The desires here on this planet,

Set by many norms

Some norms set by society and many by wishes of peers….

But I am a spirit, held in a soul

The soul which came to this place

On a celestial trip, on a holiday

For the flowers here don’t smell the same as up there

For the deserts here dont taste the same as up there

So here on a short visit

A visit which I want to make rememberable

A travel to remember for ever

For I have to visit many other galaxies

Many other constellations, invited me before hand

And, my dear

The soul works with spirits wishes

Oh how so ever I may force the biology I am in

How many target may be set

To earn ten times more

Or to get two more grades

All works well, only when

Bio-logy accepts the soul-ology

So let it be so

Soul rules the body

As know to many,

Biology and Inner self at times are different

So why, should I run a different race?

When I am a spirit, in a soul

Exploring here,

Both myself and this planet!

Accepting that biology and my needs meet

Only when we agree

Henceforth my sprit-logy guides my biology with my inner desires

The hopes and wishes of thy spirit

In thy soul body

The spirit that cant be seen by biology

I call it self exploration!

Knowing thyself-

A biology learning the spirit-ology

A human body learning the soul-ology!

Who Determines the Work and Life Speed at Which People on Planet Earth Are Running Day and Night? Can I Have A Break? Its a Global Issue!

While prior to pandemic work-life speed was defined and determined by either the public sector goals or the private companies’ goals apart from personal goals. The goals which every employee in which ever sector – takes off his/her sweat daily to accomplish. I believe these are the group of people and leaders who define the work-life speed of masses not just individuals unless there is calamity, natural disaster, epidemic or pandemic to mention some exceptions. And these expectations come and go often one or many at a time during various phases of lives of different individuals.

Well in a pandemic, virus was determining the speed of many people—A bit too fast (means a lot of work) for doctors, nurses and other front-line workers. While normal people at home, with a slower speed. Some not moving at all—means-no work for some. The speed that used to keep us going—Remember the morning alarm- the office drive –the lunch breaks—-coming back—dinner with family! It all changed for most people during these times. But, this time made us realize that who dictates our speed in normal times. The work and life speed in non-pandemic times.  

The goal at which a task is done at one’s workplace and the relaxation time is directly proportional to the stakeholders—the leaders’ visions—In the normal times! The non-exceptional times! So once again I ask—-your mission is “To go to Mars”, but I say, “Mars is not running away!” So why this high speed! Answer is not just the goals set by respective leaders but also the fellow beings one is surrounded by. One explanation goes like the relative speed of the crowd is high hence a high individual speed. As flock of birds fly in a swarm, the speed of each bird is determined by first bird and the speed of neighboring birds.

In the same way, the speed at which a person studies medicine or pursues any degrees or completes work in office is not only his own individual speed but is sum of relative speed of his neighbors too viz. fellow workers. The exact parameters and mathematical equations too I can let you help to formulate the model!

So now the question is can I decrease the work speed a bit to increase the leisure and life experience speed somewhat more.  Answer is— YES! This answer is determined by not just leaders of public and private sectors but by global leaders of world too. Why? The answer is they are competing among themselves. One should live with mutual co-operation not with competence to have a healthy work and life speeds of people across globe. Its not just inter organization harmony, that can improve the lives of people but also inter country balances.

The global leaders must meet to discuss their speeds, targets and balances to be followed for a better stress-free lives and have employees ready to handle a fresh case of any challenge. Once humans are in a healthy state they can multi-task when needed and use their learned skills when demanded by situations. Situations such as pandemic for example in future can be handled by fleet of doctors trained and working each an hour lesser to give space to more doctors to be trained and equipped on standby modes!

All this doesn’t mean non competence and de-standardization of work ethics. Not at all, just an hour less per 10 employee work can employ an un-employed though skilled and add a trained professional on the work force. This addition of say one doctor to group of per 10 doctors can help so much in crucial and critical instances, and giving a work-life balance in merrier times! Just think about it! Just one hour less per 10 forest workers can give one new forest worker a job and salary! And more than that give Earth a trained and experienced professional ! With this in time of need all 11 can work harder to reach goals even though working 17 hours a day when needed! So now imagine how many trained professionals we may have per 100 doctors, how many per 200 forest employees! Just give a thought to it!

Yes other things that define the speeds are personal goal! But where do most personal goals come from– Mostly nearby birds in the flock ? Or some by movies, serials, media, where else! Many are self made goals–well all those can be attained. Life is not meant to be 8 hours daily, complete your goals by working 14 hours (to 17 hours if you may like ) a day for 10 years and then back to 4 hours a day for next 10 years ! But then calculate was it worth-spending a youth like that! A youth that shall never come back! Unless its a joint need for World !

I remove the layer of pain, to let grow newer skin

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This pain I am dropping away

With the flowing water

I let it go,

This pain

I choose to forget the pains

I choose to let it go

Flown water never comes back same

Broken crystals never join back same

So why should I remember the pains

Why should I cry again

The fallen features of birds

Are meant to fall

They can’t fly with bird again

I decide to shed the pains

Just like the birds shed their features

The eagles shed the winds

To grow back afresh

To be reborn again

With more strength

With more power

To be higher

Again and again

To  learn what the pains taught me

To  be bolder to face more tougher mountains

I remove the layers of pains

To let grow a newer skin

Which shine in sun

Ready to burn in heat

To absorb more hardships

I regrow

This pain I am dropping away

With dust I rub

Never to remind me again

Of all the pains

This pain I am dropping away

For long, till I share again

With someone

The joys of dropping away the pains

Like a peacock sheds away its features

Some words to speak, before the sunset

Some unspoken words

Some unfinished drinks,

Some unread messages,

Some flowers to smell,

Certain breaths to take,

Many texts to write,

Some more lessons to teach,

Some poems to read,

Certain knowledge to share,

Many articles to type,

Before the sunset!

Before the sun sets,

Some calls to make,

Some fights to resolve,

Before the dawn,

Some letters to send,

Some words to speak,

Before the night !