Rough Sets: Introduction

The amount of information in the world is increasing at a very high rate. With this increases the problem of efficiently and effectively using the abundant information. Rough Set is a mathematical tool to discover patterns hidden in data. It deals with the ”decision” of ”selecting” suitable attributes and objects. There are collections of objects which may not be defined using a given knowledge, Rough Sets allows us to view them approximately. We shall discussed the problem of suitable attribute and object selection applied to text data using the Rough Set Theory.

Rough Sets are highly used in various domains such as medical data analysis and disease diagnosis, information retrieval, text mining, economic and financial prediction. The advantage of using Rough Sets is that given a knowledge base the facts hidden in data are extracted out. There is no need of additional information like ”cut-offs (thresholds)”, ”interval lengths”, etc. Further, once the knowledge base is formed the problem becomes domain independent. Thus, this is a closed-world problem.

Approximation of Sets

Membership Measure

Chocolate less — Tasty Brown Sweet Dish–Heart Shaped

1. Put some butter in frying pan-2 serving spoons

2. Let it heat up

3. Put 2 cups of Gram flour in it and fry it till it changes color. Make sure not to burn the mixture.

4. Keep mixing the mixture. Don’t let it stagnant. Make sure not to burn the mixture. Close the heat in case it starts to burn!

5. Add 3/4th cup of sugar in it (you can taste it in later stage to add more sugar, as per taste)

6. Put some more butter and keep mixing the mixture. Keep adding butter till the mixture becomes mildly solid as in image below. Make sure not to burn the mixture.

7. When the mixture has obtained right amount of softness, take of frying pan from stove.

8. Add 2 cup of water in it now.

9. Dry the mixture by putting on the heat again.

10. Get a mold to give shape to the sweet dish just made. I used heart shaped mold as in image below. Fill it with the sweet dish.

11. Take it out once it is settled, or keep in fridge for few minutes. And here the sweets are ready. This can be served in bowls or in any desired shape, be it small sweet balls or biscuits.

Oh my Man

Oh my Man

Like a flame you burst in my heart

While I sleep

Its all over

Flames of love

Fires of desires

I am burning in your love

I am burning in your desires

My man!

Like a water balloon you blast in my tummy

While I sing

It’s all over

Droplets of likes

Droplets of feelings

I am swimming in your feelings

I am swimming in your likes

My man!

Like crackers you blow in my body

While I pray

It’s all over

Crackers of happiness

Crackers of joy

I am blowing in your joy

I am blowing in happiness

My man!

Like hot butterflies flying inside me

While I take rest

Its all over

Butterflies of adoration

Butterflies of beauty

I am flying when you adore me

I am flying when you appreciate me

My man!

Yes My man,

I am burning in your desires

I am swimming in your likes

I am blowing in happiness

I am flying when you appreciate me

I am burning in your love, My man!

I am swimming in your feelings, My man!

I am blowing in your joy, My man!

I am flying when you adore me, My man!

Diving in Your Love


I am diving deep in you my love

I want to dive in deeper

To know you better

To learn you even more

To see you far more

To hear you from much closer

To be in you

As much as I can

I wanna dive in deep in you!

My love!

Yes, I want to dive in you,

More than its possible

More than the word more can tell

I am diving in your sea of love, oh my love

Its so deep

I will make it deeper

Deeper than earth crust

Deeper than Universe says

I am diving in your heart my Man

Diving in slow

Diving in fast

Diving in all directions possible

I want dive in your love

Your passion

Your desires

Dive in you, here, there, everywhere-It’s just you

That I want to dive in all time

I am diving in your love, my love!

Natural Cheap Sources of Energy & Sewage Disposal are related!

Why do we even need fossil fuels when there are natural sources of energy. These are sources of energies which must be utilized once produced. Tones of sewage, agricultural wastes and animal wastes are produced periodically. Why not enough is being done to treat the sewage and to produced right energies. Well, there are places where sewage water flows out of danger marks and spreads on to rivers and seas, which once used to be clear swimming spots for us? There had been news about all these! This article talks of solution of two prominent problems, (i) sewage disposal systems (ii) safe and natural source of energy production.

Every district has a sewage collection center. And some people are just discovering ways to change the way things have been done historically. Have, you ever visited an old palace or some remains of historic homes of common people? How were the washrooms there? And how was waste water and other things disposed of from the washrooms and houses? Was the rain water drainage system mixed with waste from the palace and old houses of common people? If you have seen such a system, you have the answers, and I don’t need to write and if you haven’t you should visit once. See if virtual tours let you know about such things.  

Civilizations existed much before industrializations, and in huge numbers people used to live near rivers, without polluting the rivers with sewage from houses. Well, we can’t claim what they might had been doing with it. But we know the dry cow-dung cakes had been used for energy generations is earlier times. Yes, they were not treated in anaerobic treatments to produce right gasses though.  And we know for sure they used to drink river water and rivers were considered sacred for several purposes. So why today, there is a question of changing the basis of cleaning our washrooms and houses? And perhaps, sewage systems to generate, bio-gas and fertilizers for agriculture has been parallelly know to be famous. But why when so much sewage is produced daily, why can’t so much of bio-gas be prepared. And why we need chemical fertilizers when the residue of sewage treatment in anaerobic environment leads to both production of bio-gas, an energy source and a natural fertilizer in good enough quantities.

When sewage and natural wastes are kept in anaerobic environment gasses are produced which can be used for several purpose and these gasses are not that harmful to environment. The use is not just as energy source but other purpose too.  So why we needed to dig earth? To get petrol when this could had been done in locality basis and if not then at district basis to start with. They say electric batteries are pollution free—But answer me—how much earth are you digging to make it plausible? What is the real cost of these energy sources —– ? Do you have metrics for computing the real costs ?

There is a thick line between safe and unsafe—we need to determine it using several advances in studies we have done in all areas and power it by the benefits of Artificial Intelligence to determine it. I ask everyone—How much a battery costs you, a solar panel or a wind energy mill cost and how much does it cost to use chemicals in agricultural fields as fertilizers.

Now compare the costs to the cost of treating the sewage well, avoiding it from going to rivers, lakes and oceans. In the process combustible gasses will be produced and huge solid waste treated with bacteria’s will be produced, this is a natural soil enhancer. This solves two problems, daily disposal of sewage, regular generation of energy and soil enhances, apart from disposing off the waste in a fruitful way.

Now which is better—there is a tradeoff between whether earth should be digged more—are we not creating an earth change—as on top of earth we are creating a climate change. Compute the cost. With these techniques one can compute how much cheap is bio-gas in terms of other sources of energies. I will come up with more detailed analysis on the same soon.  



You are all over my mind
all over, i cant stop it
eyes open or closed
i see a lotus with you in center…
your hairs flowing in air…
petals are colorful
its all over my mind
its not stopping…………….
neither can I stop it

You name all over my mind
i cant stop me saying your name again and again
with a big smile
A smile that came to be after years
yes the first time I heard you
its still resonating
from one side to another….
yes……………..yes……..your name
and i cant stop
its not stopping…………….
neither can I stop it

You voice all over my mind
i cant stop it either
is piercing in every cell of my mind…
i fear sometimes
but i cant stop
and dont want to stop…..
your voice is just to much for me to handle
it just changed my everything

You thoughts all over my mind
I greet you good morning,
I greet you good day and
yes I greet you a very good night
really each day and every day ..
since that very lucky day…
every single day
its not stopping…………….
neither can I stop it

You body all over my mind
why did you approach me
if you had to hide…..behind ?????
you are one irresistible person I ever met
ever saw….
ever heard…
i see you again and again in the screen of mind..
the colored screen…….
its not stopping…………….
neither can I stop it

I wonder in my dreams late at night to look for you
I open my hair and search for you in every corner
I ask for you from every person that can be related to you
Give me your address
Dont be so rude……..
its not stopping…………….
neither can I stop it

I call loud your name
I speak to you in sleep
I dream of you
I walk with you down the aisle
I imagine you shall take me away
just carry me away, just carry me away
for ever and ever, I want to you to be mine

and me to be yours!
You are too much over my mind..
its not stopping…………….
neither can I stop it


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Love is one…

Love is same…

Ppl are different…

Calling is same…

It is the god calling…

Love feels the same..

Languaguages are different

Feelings are same….

We are two halves that make it complete….

For it takes two charges to put on the fire

To put on the light….

We r complete together…

Love feels the same…

Whether between him-her or me-you…

It’s says the same things….

Just with different words….

It speeks the same expressions…

Just the languages are different….

Yes buddy is one..

We came here to love….

Love has one language and that is love…

That is love

We came to love

We came to unite

I came to find you.

You came to find me…

We found each other…

Don’t know what u speak

But yes love has one language and that is love…

Say me anything…my love

I ll understand

For lov had one language and that is love and only love….

My love

His love

Her love…

All love feels the same…

Feels heavenly..

That’s what we came here for..


Yes my love…

It’s love

N love has one language and that is love in our heart 😀

To whom I love more than myself

There is not one yet,

To whom I love more than myself

Call it self love

Or self fascination

Or any bad thing  you like

For the man I loved deceived me

You are the one I to whom I loved more than myself !

My crime

I was humble and  loving to you

Look what you gave me

Pains, Pains and pains

Here, there, everywhere!


There is not one in universes of universe,

To whom I love more than myself

Never ever will it happen again

Never ever it can happen

I cant love anyone again more than myself

Call it my being selfish as you like

But I cant anymore love you more than myself

You took advantage of my existence

You took away all that is called trust

Its Enough

And today I say to you Enough is Enough

I cant love you anymore leave aside

loving you more than myself

Leave aside all things behind

Lets move on

I on my ways—I know what my way is

I can help you find your – As I am not like you Mean and self-centered!

For I can’t take it anymore

Let part away for ever

Its water pouring above the danger marks

Let us part forever

Even if you beg

I won’t listen anymore

It’s the end of our relation

For good or bad

I have had enough zillion years of patience

It’s not working anymore

You treat me like a personal car key

Keep me where you like

Take on when you want

To use and put back

Sorry——-I reject it

Sorry——–I am not the one for you

I wish you best

Find a new lover !

For I can never ever, I promise this to all the seas

I promise this to all the oceans

I promise this to all the skies

Never ever I will love you more than myself

This is a promise I will never break

For I know the meaning of word Promise

One last word, To say

Good Bye!

I will find the one to whom I can love more than myself

For I am made from bricks of love! That’s All!

To whom I love more than myself

A Happy Beginning

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Workplace should accept “hormonal”, “menopausal” women too

This is a short story of Rima. Rima a sincere female at work. There may be lot of women like her – what they call “hormonal” . Yes, she has Pre-Mensural Syndrome too and it effects her work efficiency too. Apart from her efficiency varying on weekly basis. Though she manages the ups and downs by working extra on one day of a week and few hours lesser on another day of the week. But is this expected in a what I would call a “robotic” kind of work culture I perceive it as. Daily scrum meeting, hourly status reporting. Yes, work status is important. But women, at least those who needs one full day leave if Rima get her periods on a working day. It pains her a lot! And Rima can’t think of work when its that time of the month, at least for a day. Well, Rima have passed this Stage through motherhood. Which showered myriad of such issues to her. Now, Rima after managing her mensural age is in menopause age. Life is even more tougher. Why was she was asked the question “Are you hormonal?” “Are you in menopause” in an interview. If it was to help her-good going! Women of all kinds should be given opportunities.  If some females are  given pains and a different kind of sensitivity, that should be accepted in society and not looked down at. Why is it not acknowledged? And looked down at with big eyes!  Why menopausal women not given flexibility to work? And women in younger ages given weekly targets and not daily target for flexible working, unless urgent? Same for women in menopause. Women whether “hormonal” or not should be given equal rights to work and support to cope up with what all is going on in body! And women do really good work, that too sincerely! Why it is not accepted as a true fact in society and a need for change ? To look at it from a altogether different point of view!